Lac Village

Lac Village

Take 6th Highway from Hanoi, go through Cun Hill, keep going to Thung Nhuoi Pass, you will come to the beautiful land of Mai Chau and Lac Village, one of the most beautiful villages in Mai Chau.

Lac Village, Mai Chau District, Hoa Binh City, is home of Black Thai ethnic group with 5 families: Ha, Lo, Vi, Mac, Loc. Lac Village is more than 700 years of age. Previously, the lives of people here relied on rice farming and weaving brocade. Later, the hidden beauty of the Lac Village has gradually explored and tourism began to develop since then.

Recently, visitors coming to Mai Chau is increasing day by day, most of them use choose home-stay. Therefore, the villagers repaired their house, build house on stilts; the equipment is more modern, with the aim to make the customer feel comfortable when staying there. However, the house on stilts today are not changed too much but still keep the “tradition and simplicity” of it.

There are many houses on stilts which guests awarded “three stars, four stars hotel”. Currently, there are 25 houses are used as “hotel”; each “hotel” is numbered in order from 1 to 25. Tourism now is the main source of villager’s income.

Visit the Lac Village, visitors cannot ignore special dishes of this place. A dining table for 6 guests includes one dish of boiled chicken, grilled wild animal meat, Mai Chau sticky rice, vegetable soup and a bottle Mai Ha wine has been arranged to serve guests. At dinner, the host does not forget to invite guest one small cup of wine. Prices here are very reasonable, just 200,000 VNĐ for a set like that.

After dinner, guests can enjoy “Ruou Can” traditional wine and enjoy special musical performances of the men and women in the village. If you want, you can also participate in dancing with the villagers. And overnight at Lac Village is also a new experience that you will never forget.

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