12D11N in Exotic charming Vietnam – Cambodia tour & visit Evivatour Vietnam office

Exotic charming Vietnam - Cambodia tour

Are you looking for trips to a faraway land, where the cost is reasonable, the country is safe, the people are friendly, and especially where the beauty of nature are intertwined with the diverse colors of culture and history, making endless things for you to discover? Then Southeast Asia and the Indochinese peninsula area should be on the list. You may want to check out the Exotic charming Vietnam – Cambodia tour  for 12 days 11 nights itinerary below of our lovely friends from Iran and our Vietnam tours.

Day 1 – 2: Hanoi arrival, city tour & shopping

visit Evivatour Vietnam's office at 83A Tran Quoc Toan

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, located in the North. In this tour, our guests took a flight from Iran to Hanoi and had their first day exploring the capital. It is our pleasure that friends from far land have taken the time to visit Evivatour Vietnam’s office at 83A Tran Quoc Toan near the center of Hanoi. We believe that the meeting with our warm and caring welcome is a good start for the group’s journey to discover the beautiful country of Vietnam from the North to the South and follow the Mekong River to Cambodia.

Day 3: Hanoi – Ninh Binh – Hanoi

Tour in Ninh Binh

On the third day, the group leaving bustling capital Hanoi for 90km away to the peaceful and tranquil ancient capital of Ninh Binh. This place is famous for its ancient feudal relics and serene countryside nature with diverse ecosystems. This makes Ninh Binh chosen as a famous filming location for many domestic films and especially Kong: Skull Island in 2017.

Day 4: Ha Noi – Ha Long

Tour in Halong Bay
One of the destinations we always highly recommend our guests to visit and experience is Ha Long Bay – one of 8 UNESCO heritage sites in Vietnam as well as one of the new 7 natural wonders of the world. All guests who have visited here agree that it is worth it.
Tour in Halong Bay
Come to Ha Long, get on a cruise, drop in the flow of nature and indulge yourself in the wonder bay.

Day 5: Ha Long – Hanoi – Saigon

Tour in Mekong river
The schedule in Ha Long ended at noon of the next day, after which the passengers were ready for the journey head to South Vietnam. Farewell to the North with charming nature and culture, the flight brings our guests to Ho Chi Minh – also known as Saigon – the largest economic center in Vietnam with a vibrant pace of life, ready for another exotic discovering.

Day 6: Saigon – City tour & Shopping

Tour in Saigon

Compared to the Hanoi capital with more than 1000 years of history, Saigon is a young city with more than 300 years of development. It has many imprints of pre-modern and modern Vietnamese history with French architectural works and bustling economic life.

Day 7: Saigon – Cu Chi Tunnel – Saigon

Cu Chi is a historical site located not too far from Saigon with a huge underground tunnel system used in the anti-American resistance war that took place less than 50 years ago. The experience here will bring you to Vietnam through a different perspective.

Day 8: Saigon – Mekong Delta – Saigon

Tour in Mekong river

Now let’s explore the rustic life of the people of South Vietnam. This place has a tropical climate with rich nature and a dense system of rivers that are directly related to the lives of local people. You will miss our coconut juice, coconut candy, and coconut forest!

Day 8 – 12: Cambodia expedition: Phnompenh – Siem Riep – Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom – Tonle Sap Lake – Siem Riep Departure

Tour in Cambodia

Welcome to Cambodia – the beautiful land of Khmer temples with bold identity and originality. From the late 12th century to the early 13th century, the Kingdom of Cambodia built many architectural works with unique value. Our guests visited the capital Phnom Penh then moved to the town of Siem Reap with the famous Angkor Wat – Angkor Thom heritage, where the capitals of the Khmer were concentrated during the king dynasties.

On the morning of the last day, the passengers went down the Tonle Sap river from Tonle Sap lake – the largest permanent fresh-water lake in South East Asia to the capital Phnom Penh and left Cambodia. Say goodbye to the charming & exotic Vietnam – Cambodia excursion.

Thank you by Eviva Tour

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