6 Reasons to fall in love with Da Nang, Vietnam

Golden Bridge, Bana Hill, Da Nang

Danang is a fantastic city that has everything. From fabulous mountains to famous beaches and forests, Danang also has spectacular Hai Van Pass and a booming number of modern hotels, resorts, shopping malls, amusement parks, this city has it all. No wonder it has attracted so many tourists recently. Undoubtedly, Danang is truly a unique and perfect destination for every traveler.

Nowadays, Danang has become a must-go spot. It holds onto a lot of top luxury hotels and resorts and embraces the long and romantic beaches. You might be amazed because of the incredible modern facilities combined with the spectacular nature here.

In 2019, Danang was chosen to be one of the 52 best places to go by The New York Times. Early this year, according to Google’s research, Danang is the Top 1 Google Trending Destinations in 2020.

This article will show you the reasons why this beach city could grow rapidly to Top 1 destination to visit in  Asia.

1- Danang owns the best sandy beach

Danang is dubbed the Hawaii of Asia. It is truly a beach city as it is embraced by approximately 30km of beaches and shorelines. My Khe beach is also known as one of the appealing locations and ranked Top 10 Asian best beaches (Source: The Australian Magazine & Sunday Herald Sun). This is a beautiful stretch of white sand and crystal clear water. Besides, lying on the sand, you can comfortably rest your eyes on the greenery of the Son Tra peninsula. My Khe beach is also among the safest beaches for kids and the elderly in Danang due to its less salty, warmer water, long, gentle slope, and waves during the year.

Morning on Da Nang beach
Morning on Da Nang beach. Photo: Da Nang FantasiCity

There are plenty of luxurious hotels and high-quality resorts, international standard villas, as well as free access and the ticket for both locals and tourists. You can layout on a gorgeous coastline to get as much as possible of vitamin sea or take a sun-bathe from the magnificent hotels viewed to the sea.

2- Numerous attractions including Golden Bridge – a walk through the god’s hand

Even though the Golden Bridge is new, it is a must-go place when traveling to Danang. This unique bridge, which is held by a rocky hand, is the inspiration for majestic Instagram pictures. It is also the newest footpath added to Ba Na Hills and Sun World Amusement Park, which has modern accommodations and interesting outdoor games.


Besides, Danang is well known because of the spectacular Hai Van Pass. With the crooked path, one side is mountains, and another is the sea, you will have a chance to admire one of the most marvelous sceneries that are the whole view of Danang beaches. Passing by Hai Van location looks like passing by the cloud in the sky. You must be very excited when getting through this fantastic path.

Hai Van Pass
The so-called “ribbon of perfection”, Hai Van Pass. Photo: Flynow.vn

Another impressive destination is the Marble Mountains, that have 5 mountains represented for 5 factors: Iron, wood, water, fire, soil. Every mountain has its own cave inside. Nowadays, there is only Water Mountain open for tourism. You can climb on it, discover the story of Sun Wukong, and contemplate beautiful nature.

As Hanoi has the Red River, Danang has the Han River, which has numerous exciting bridges and a lot of water performances. You must drop by Han River because of its history and landscape as a symbol of Danang.

Besides,  there are a ton of beautiful beaches for you to choose such as Tien Sa, My Khe, Non Nuoc, etc. They are all famous and ideal beaches you can visit. Don’t worry because each beach has its luxurious accommodations, as well as hotels in budget and other facilities. You also must take a visit to the Son Tra peninsula, which is well known as Monkey Mountain. From this location, you can easily have an overlook of the entire bay of Danang and explore the diversified biology of plants and animals. Come to Son Tra Peninsula; you can visit Linh Ung Pagoda and other destinations such as Chess Desk Peak, Buddha statue as well.

Son Tra (Monkey) Mountain. Video: Eviva Tour Vietnam

3- Shopping paradise for local specialties and quality goods

Han Market is a famous market where every visitor who travels to Danang must come here. This market dates back to 1940 and it has become more modern, cleaner and crowder at the present. It is full of standard goods such as silk, shoes, clothes, bags, souvenirs, and seafood, dried food. Visit Han Market, you will experience exploring and buying products from a typical local market.

Spices and local smiles at the Han market
Spices and local smiles at the Han market.  Source: danangfantasticity.com

4- Ease of access & connection to Vietnam’s best attractions

As Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Danang is a travel hub in Central Vietnam. It connects 3 UNESCO World Heritage sites: Hue Citadel, Hoi An Ancient Town, and My Son Sanctuary. Danang is truly a hub to go almost everywhere not only in Central but also entire Vietnam or other countries.

In addition, Danang has various international and domestic flights that totally come to 35 international routes and 10 domestic routes. Danang harbor is also easy to access.

Da Nang airport
Da Nang airport. Source: vietnamairport.vn

5- Heaven for foodies

Danang is a combination of traditional culture and growing-up countries such as Korea, Japan. That is why the cuisine in Danang is really diversified.

There are a thousand special dishes in Danang that you have to try such as Bun Cha Ca, green mango, rice paper salad (bánh tráng trộn), steamed rice cakes (bánh bèo), thick noodle soup with spiced fish (bánh canh cá lóc), My Quang Ca Loc, savory Vietnamese Crepes (bánh xèo), etc that are very delicious and reasonably priced. It is very easy to find Western restaurants if you want as well.

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My Quang, Da Nang
My Quang. Photo source: 2foodtrippers.com

6- Remarkable events

Danang is full of outstanding festivals. It is referred to as the Leading city of Events and Festivals in the region. Exciting events are all year round, from the International Firework festival, Ironman Championship, Miss World, International Marathon. Check out Eviva’s updated list of International Events in Vietnam.

The annual Da Nang International Firework Festival. Photo: Danang FantastiCity

In the end, as you can see, Danang is growing up rapidly. With the spectacular scenery, luxurious facilities and the rich traditional culture, Danang must be on your bucket list today!

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