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Our team

Meet The Team

A single star can not light up the whole sky. To develop our organisation permanently and perfectly, we definitely have an enthusiastic and expert team. All the members dedicate their abilities to the company, their warmth, caring and knowledge to clients.

Pham Thi Hong


In her role as a director, Hong has been dedicated to Eviva Tour Vietnam since our early days. She is one of the crucial and reliable pillars for the team's operation and growth in the tourism service and customer care development. In daily meetings, Hong is a warm and friendly senior figure, yet remarkably powerful, efficient, and responsible towards her team, partners, and clients.


JESSICA Nguyen Bach Duong


Jessica is Eviva's creative and admirable leader. Her deep understanding of the customers’ behaviour, her full energy for work and life, her thorough and dedicated ways of working, her strict on service quality and beyond all is her passion for travel makes Eviva a great working team spirit. This inspires to all Eviva clients and suppliers, Jessica always desires to express "Smile every mile" on your every journey.


Le Thuy Nhung


With tour operation and financial accounting backgrounds from the 2 prestige universities in Hanoi, Nhung has 20 years of experience with Eviva in the travel industry as a tour guide, operations, and consultation. On technical work, Nhung has become highly experienced among the tour team for her tour operation as well as travel consultancy across Vietnam and Southeast Asian areas to customers.

Ms. Thanh Lan

LINDA Vu Thi Thanh Lan


Linda has years of experience as a senior travel consultant who is expert for many markets. She is a loving local friend with her thorough and dedicated ways of working, she is an expert on wisely designing your real discovery with a different look of Vietnam and Indochina. With the deep nature of kindness, caring and very nice behavior, Lan is the favorite travel consultant of the team who can satisfy both travel agencies and B2C clients.

Ha Katie

Katie Ngo Thị Thanh Ha


Dedicated, experienced, and thoughtful. Katie is an excellent consultant in both working with Eviva's partners and in interacting with clients. She is plucky with a burning heart and spirit behind the appearance of an officer. With her laid-back personality, enthusiasm, responsibility, and excellent job performance, Katie has always been trusted and loved by everyone in the company.

Ms Ngoc, Eviva



Young and high in spirit. Sam is passionate about having more life understanding, exploring culture, and traveling. She loves the vibrant rhythm of coastal cities. Sam graduated from Hanoi University and had two years of consultant experience. With enthusiasm, good balancing skill, positive energy, and the motto of caring for customers wholeheartedly, she has been able and highly trusted to support visitors from the Middle East and Asia to discover Vietnam with satisfaction.

Hanh Kinh



Jolie is amiable and sincere. She can make everyone open and feel comfortable talking to her. Jolie graduated from Vietnam National University in Hanoi, majoring in Tourism and Travel Service Management. Jolie has extensive experience working with clients from South Africa, Canada, and other parts of the world. Jolie's favorite destination is the two poetic cities of Da Lat and Hue. Besides her passion for traveling, she loves music and studying to self-improve.

Ms Kieu Anh



Meet Anne, the youngest lovely member of Eviva Tour Team. She graduated from Hanoi University with a degree in Italian Tourism. With her expertise in customer consultation and in-depth understanding of both customers and the target market, Anne specializes as the travel consultant for the Italian and inbound markets. Her passion lies in crafting eco-friendly tours that emphasize local lifestyle, traditions, and culture, ensuring customers have genuine experiences during their journeys. Anne is not just a travel consultant; she's a local friend with a profound love for Vietnam's nature and beauty.

Ms. Kieu Hong Thuy, Eviva Tour

Kieu Hong Thuy

Senior Travel Consultant

Qualifed as a hotel management and English bachelor, Thuy has committed to travel industry for 19 years including 4 years of sales adminstration for a Singapore company, 6 years of inbound tour operation for a Saigon-based tour company. During her 15 years at Eviva Tour Vietnam, Thuy has participated in many international travel fairs and has been an excellent member in organizing international and national events such as White House Fellowship to Vietnam, Tiger Rally famous caravan tour with left hand wheel and others.

MOON Ha Thi Thu


After graduating from the Vietnam National University in the Faculty of tourism with 2-year experience being a waitress as a part-time job. To her, Eviva is not only a workplace but also her second family. Being a cheerful, kind-hearted, and caring tour operator, she always puts herself in customers’ and co-workers’ shoes to share and support them. Apart from work, reading, learning new things, cooking, caring for people, and traveling are Moon’s great passions.



Van Anh is a 7-year friend of the whole office before joining Eviva. When she decides to choose the final destination for her career before her retirement in the very far future, she decided to choose the company she has known so long for her impression about Eviva – so green and friendly, youthful and active, that she never thought before that she got a chance to work in Eviva family. Now at the position of a travel consultant at visa outbound department, Van Anh has taken full advantage of her 20 years’ working experience to make it very warm, caring, friendly, but really professional and knowledgeable to fullfill the 3 characteristics of Eviva – Warm and caring, Local Expertise and Responsible.

Ms. Bich Ngoc

KELLY Nguyen Bich Ngoc


Kelly with a background from a famous university in Hanoi has worked as a visa inbound consultant for up to 11 years. She is warm-hearted and very attentive to customer inquiries and is loved by all the team for her great responsibility. Before coming to Eviva Tour Vietnam, she served as an editor for website content. With her detail-oriented and caring nature, Ngoc places great emphasis on taking care of her customers and providing them with enjoyable trips.



Graduated in Tourism and Travel Service Management from Hanoi National University. Merline is passionate about writing: traveling, life experiences, destinations, cultures, people, events, and history. She always tries to find ways to update, analyze, and modify information to convey useful and interesting information in tourism content.

Le Thu Phuong



For 10 years with Eviva, Phuong plays a very important part in our team who understood deeply the company and how it operates. She is one of the people who 'holds the lock box' and operates the accounting and financial work of Eviva. Phuong is excellent at balancing tasks and carefully arranging calculations. Besides, she is also an expert in cooking and baking delicious cakes.



Having 16 years of working with Eviva, Mr. Tung has always been a reliable and enthusiastic friend to Eviva's office workers even though his work is always attached to the wheel and on all roads. His presence always makes each of Eviva's journeys become closer and more secure by his caring and thoughtfulness. Tung has conquered most types of roads in Vietnam, not only knowing the city roads but he is also a reliable driver for tough roads in the highlands of Vietnam such as the Northeast and Northwest area.



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