Ba Chua Xu Temple (An Giang)

Ba Chua Xu Temple, An Giang

A visit to Ba Chua Xu temple might be interesting for those who want to discover Vietnam religionism, another hidden beauty of Vietnam. It is located on Sam Mountain (Nui Sam), Vinh Te Commune, Chau Doc. Many stories are around its origin without any authentication. Basing on the most popular legend, in beginning of nineteenth century, locals found a lady statue which might be dated from 6th century in the forest. Dozens of strong men could not move it but nine virgin girls as warned in a dream of a child. The villagers then built a temple to worship in the lady’s honor with the hope that she would bring them health, luck, happiness as well as better crops.

After many times of renovation, the Ba Chua Xu temple’s design has shaped of a Chinese character ‘国’, meaning “nation” or “country”. It has three floors with blue tiled roofs and four square curved corners. Its festival is annually organized from 23rd to 27th April in lunar calendar to wish and ask for fortune and health. Today, Ba Chua Xu temple is not only a sacred place of pilgrimage but also an attractive sightseeing in An Giang.

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