Cam Thanh Village

Cam Thanh Village, Hoi An

Cam Thanh village is not only suitable to family or group. All of the tourist can discover Nipa palm forest by bamboo boat after learned how to control.

If you like riding bikes or enjoy culture, then Cam Thanh village is your best choice. Cam Thanh village is a local village where you can not only have fun but also learn some skills. For example, you can learn traditional fishing techniques. This might be very special option. You can also learn how to control Vietnamese basket boat, which is made by bamboo. You can smoke out the beauty of Cam Thanh village with your friends after learning how to row boats. While rowing your boat, you will definitely impressed by the view. On the other sides, you can also discover this traditional village by bike and ride your bike to anywhere you want.

Nipa palm forest is a place that inside Cam Thanh village. It would be a memorable experience to row a boat on canals and feel the pure air. During rowing the boat, you will ascertain that the building are not only very low but also made from Nipa Palm. You should experience as a local people that work as a fisherman or farmer. Thereafter, you can ready to enjoy the fresh seafood and watch the sunset on the boat.

Cam Thanh village is suitable for family or group. Family can seat on the boat and get wise to the village together. Kids must be very interested in what they see. It is also a good chance for kids to get close to nature. For groups of tourist, they can take many photos and have a lot of fun while riding bike or rowing boat. Undoubtedly, tourists will have a good time in this special village.

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