Co To Island

Co To Island

Co To Island has become a well-known tourist destination in the north of Vietnam because of its charming, unspoiled shorelines with smooth white sand, a special ancient stone ground and friendly locals.

The island belongs to Co To island district. To get there, you can take 3.5-hours boat from Cai Rong pier in neighbour Van Don Island District to get this magnificent island. The island has pristine beaches, one of which is Trinh Sat Beach. This beautiful tropical shoreline has a great shore with white sands and blue, pearl-like water. There is a romantic 1-km long path lying pine tree forest full of fresh and aromatic violet wild flowers which leads to the lighthouse – the symbol and the highest peak of the island (about 70 meters above sea level). You can walk or pay small fee to hire a motorbike taxi of locals. When you reach that lighthouse, you can hear the breath of the ocean and fill your mind with the peaceful scenery of Co To. Orange is a special fruit on this island. During harvest time, the island seems to turns a splendid orange-yellow color.

From large Co To Island, you are highly recommend to hire a boat to other small islands around and join interesting water activities such as snorkeling or fishing… on Thanh Lan Island.

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