Dau Go Grotto

Dau Go Cave

Another interesting place worth exploring in Halong bay is Dau Go Grotto.

The cave is situated on Driftwood Island, next to Thien Cung cave. There are some stories to explain the name of cave; but the most popular and well-recognized by locals is history story linked with victory battle against Mongolian enemy under Tran dynasty in 13th century. It was told that the General Tran Hung Ðao concealed ironwood stakes in this cave in preparation for battle in Bach Dang River. These ironwood stakes created a trap on the riverbed to destroy the invaders’ boats. In this way, the grotto was given name “Dau Go” (meaning: Wooden Stakes).

The entrance of the cave is 27 meters above the sea level (around 90 steps up) with 12 meters wide and 17 meters high. From a far distance, you can visualize the entrance’s shape with a jellyfish. Dau Go cave is separated into three parts. The exterior is a full of natural light room and in the middle, there is a massive pillar supporting the ceiling. You can see numerous imagines in the rock formations, depending on creative ability of each visitor.

There is a narrow walkway from the first room to the second. The light here is mysterious with smaller but more graceful stalactites. Passing to the wide third chamber, a well of clear water is appeared. In the faint light, you will perceive pictures of an old stronghold and a fight of elephants, horses & men with bristly swords and lances surrounding you.

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