Donation of Toys and Books to Phu Yen province 2018 in review

Eviva Foundation also succeeded in supporting Dom Dom’s library

At the end of 2018, with the support from Eviva’s staff and the community, Eviva Foundation has successfully given full support to Phu Yen province including Christmas presents, teddy bears and toys for children. Besides, Eviva Foundation also succeeded in supporting Dom Dom’s library and building library bookcases for a kindergarten in Phu Yen.

Without great help and full support from the program’s donors, Eviva Foundation cannot possibly reach such a successful milestone. We are truly thankful for our compassionate and generous donors. Eviva Foundation will put more effort in an attempt to stimulate Vietnam’s sustainable development and hopefully, foster collaboration between Eviva Co., Ltd and individuals, units, organizations and enterprises in the near future.

List of Donors
No Name Ủng hộ
1 Bùi Trang Toys
2 Ngọc Huyền Books
3 MY KINGDOM 250 big cars + 50 small cars
4 Thủy Toys
5 Chị của chị TD Toys
6 Hải anh Toys + books
7 Chị TD Toys + books
8 Quỳnh Susu Books
9 Cô Hà Đinh Toys
10 Ngô Phương Thảo Books
11 Huệ Phạm Toys
12 Thanh Hà Books
13 Đỗ Thu Toys
14 Nguyễn Phương Thảo Books
15 Anh Đức (ĐH Mở) 1.000.000 VND
16 Chị Vân Anh (Eviva) 100 000 VND
17 Chị Ngọc Anh (Hateco) 200 000 VND
18 Chị Thúy Nhung (Eviva) Toys + Clothes
19 Chị Nhung TC (Eviva) Books + Clothes
20 Chị Thanh Lan (Eviva) 200 000 VND + Books
21 Chị Nguyễn Ngọc Anh Toys
22 Cô Diệp ( mẹ Hà My, Hà Linh) Toys
23 Anh Khưu Trung Cash
24 Chị Minh Huệ Place for reception
25 Chị Tống Lan Place for reception

And many donors who brought presents to the Eviva office but we haven’t mentioned above. Please let us know if your name not in the list so we can update in the soonest. Once again, Eviva would like to send our sincere thanks to all donors and looking forward to corporating with you in the next program.

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