Han River and Han River Bridge

Han River and Han River Bridge

If someone has been to Da Nang, then perhaps they never forget Han River is located in the heart of Da Nang city. There is no red silt as the Red River, not gentle as the Perfume River, Han River is both poetic and strong embellish the beauty of developed and active Da Nang City.

Han River is a main tributary from upstream flows down to the sea. The green trees along with the gentleness of the Han River create a beautiful and peaceful music note for a busy lifestyle of the city.

In the early morning, South River gentle as a maid. In the thin mist, the river does not seem to move at all, it stand still like to see the serene beauty of the motherland.

However, at the noon, when the sun is rising, the rays of sun shone down on the river make the river brighter and stronger. The rays seem like it dancing and playing on the water.

In the afternoon, the sun’s rays did no longer exist that makes the river turn into purple. Han River became quietly and smoothly. However, lights from tall buildings, billboards, lampposts and high-voltage shine down on the river make it come alive and more colorful.

Referring to the Han River, cannot fail to mention the Han River Bridge. This is the bridge over the Han River began construction on September 2, 1998 and completed on March 29, 2000. This is a bridge was designed and constructed by Vietnamese and is the only swing-bridge in Vietnam today.

Each day, the bridge swing one time during 2g45 – 4g00 in 15-20 minutes. Guests traveling to Han River Bridge in this period will see the swing of the Han River Bridge and will be excited by this moment. The city now has new bridges. However there will be no bridge can creates more emotion for the people as Han River Bridge.

Visiting the Han River and the Han River Bridge is an experience visitors cannot miss when traveling to the beautiful city of Da Nang.

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