HANG ÉN (Hang En Cave)

Hang En Cave

Have you ever thought that you would experience the living amidst nature and spend a night under thousands of darting swallows in Hang En Cave – the world’s 3rd largest cave in Quang Binh?.

This 3 million-year-old wet cave is the world’s 3rd largest cave, right after Deer Cave in Malaysia and Son Doong cave also located in Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park. The cave stretches for over 2km with three entrances including the largest and most famous one being over 120m tall and 140m across. In some sections, the chamber reaches 100m high and 180m wide. Hang En is undeniably one of the most recognisable and impressive caves on the planet for its untouched prehistoric-like nature.

Walking through the 10km remote forest path across the waterway to the cave, tourists may have a chance to encounter clouds of butterflies. You will enter Hang En Cave through a broad slit in the cliff and begin your adventure to discover this magnificent spot and set up a camp to fully feel the life amidst nature. You might even want to spend the night underground this massive chamber, below thousands of darting swallows. This cave was also featured in a very majestic Hollywood movie – “Pan” (2015), which made it become a must-come destination to experience all of the spectacular vibrations of this cave.

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