Hon Khoai Island (Ca Mau)

Hon Khoai Island

Hon Khoai Island, one of the most beautiful and famous landscape of Ca Mau, has still remained untouched hills and forest with many specious types of animal and plant. It is located in the southern of Ca Mau and about 15 kilometres far from mainland. In fact, there is a group of five islands named Hon Khoai, Hon Doi Moi, Hon Da Le, Hon Sao, and Hon Tuong, among which the Hon Khoai is the largest one. Sharing different names; such as, Giang Tien islet, Giang Huong islet or Doc Lap islet; locals here usually call it as Hon Khoai (Potato Island) because it looks like an enormous potato.

Apart from mesmerizing and wild natural landscapes, visitors have a chance to taste many types of algae cooked into delicious dishes. For biology lovers, it absolutely fascinates with lots of species of plant and bird, including swallows and wild geese. Another highlight is the lighthouse with 318 meter height built by French colonialists in 1920. It is evaluated as one of the earliest architectures on the Vietnam territorial waters.

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