Lakes – The “other beautiful side” of an elegant Hanoi (Part 2)

Thien Quang Lake, Hanoi

In the previous blog post, we have introduced the three most famous lakes in Hanoi. In this one, we would like to help discover even more the “water side” of this beautiful capital city

Thien Quang lake

Located in the center of Hai Ba Trung district, which has the most crowded population, Thien Quang lake is like a green lung of Ha Noi. Next to Thong Nhat park, delicious Sua buffet restaurant and two crowded street (Quang Trung street and Nguyen Du street), Thien Quang lake is also a favourite spot for tourists who love discovering the “Water side” of Ha Noi. It’s a perfect cool place for people during summer days, an Independence Day fireworks spot and a Happy New Year celebration spot. The southwest corner of this lake is Thanh Nien club, where has arts and dance performance.

Bay Mau lake

Bay Mau Lake, Hanoi

This beautiful lake is located inside Thong Nhat park. Bay Mau lake is like a heart of the park, make pleasant for people who come here to have fun or do exercises. There are two islands on Bay Mau lake: Thong Nhat island and Hoa Binh island. Thong Nhat island is a floating flower garden connect with the park by one beautiful bridge, towards Le Duan road; Hoa Binh island is quite far which you have to take a boat to get there. The island is really cool and quiet so the guest can have pleasant time to relax. At the evening, walking inside the park, around Bay Mau lake is very relaxing and peaceful, a perfect spot for couples.

Xa Dan lake

Xa Dan Lake, Hanoi

The biggest lake in Dong Da district is like a really needed “lung” for the most crowded district in Hanoi and a favourite exercise spot for Hanoian. With an exquisite view and cool, clean green water, Xa Dan lake is also a really good choice for tourists, but there are so much more interesting things that may amaze you. Maybe not as famous as Hoan Kiem lake or West lake, but Xa Dan lake has its own trademark. Xa Dan lake has made Hanoian fall in love not only by the beautiful green water but also fascinating by one of the most delicious skewers in Hanoi. Thanks to the wide sidewalk and the low edge, food lovers can sit on the edge while enjoying hot and tasty skewers with bread and cold ice tea. Around Xa Dan lake there are many cafes and restaurant, you can try amazing “O Long Pan bread” on Ho Dac Di street or drink good coffee while open your eyes and deep in the wonderful lake view.

Lakes – The “other beautiful side” of an elegant Hanoi (Part 1)

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