Lam Dong Museum

Lam Dong Museum

Not far from the city in the northeast, situated on the hillside, Lam Dong museum used to be at the former Town Hall, and at the end of a romantic road called “the Road of Love”. This modern pink building, nowadays, belongs to a former mansion Nguyen Huu Hao – father of Queen Nam Phuong (father of Emperor Bao Dai). It displays more than 15,000 items of ancient artifacts, pottery, costumes and musical instruments of local ethnic minority.

Currently, Lam Dong museum has 9 galleries, including:

  • Stages of history;
  • Archaeological objects;
  • Models of shelters;
  • Hunting tools;
  • Traditional handicraft villages;
  • Traditional costumes;
  • Festivals;
  • War’s objects;

Especially, stilt-houses of Ma and K’ho minors were built exactly like the house of native locals. In addition, visitors can find the rocky instruments called Lithopone aging 3,000 – 3,500 year-old, or architecture vestiges and so on. A wide-range of traditional games is available, such as fishing, making pottery or textiles, etc.

Lam Dong museum is an ideal place for travelers who wish to understand about customs and habits of Central Highland’s ethnics.

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