What to buy in Phnom Penh

What to buy in Phnom Penh as souvenirs?

Shopping in Phmom Penh now is quite diverse ranging from local markets to big shopping malls. Night market (Phsar Reatrey) on the Sisowath Quay is a perfect choice for visitors that want to get closer to local style trading. It offers a variety of all usual tourists’ needs. Unlike other busy local markets, Phsar Reatrey brings a more relaxed and festive atmosphere.

When visiting Phnom Penh, there are several unique and culturally significant items you can consider buying as souvenirs. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Handicrafts: Look for traditional handmade crafts like silverware, lacquerware, woodcarvings, silk scarves, and textiles. The Artisans Angkor or Russian Market are popular places to find these items.

2. Cambodian Traditional Clothing: Consider purchasing a sampot, a traditional Cambodian skirt for women, or a krama, a versatile checked scarf commonly worn by both men and women.

3. Cambodian Spices: Phnom Penh is known for its aromatic spices. Take home packs of Kampot pepper, which is highly regarded, or other local spices like lemongrass, turmeric, or curry blends.

4. Cambodian Coffee: For coffee lovers, Cambodian coffee is gaining recognition internationally. Purchase some high-quality local coffee beans or pre-packaged ground coffee as a delicious souvenir.

5. Cambodian Arts and Literature: Look for books, paintings, or sculptures that depict Cambodia’s rich history and cultural heritage. Many local galleries and bookstores offer a variety of artistic works.

Remember to support fair trade initiatives and buy from reputable sources to ensure your purchases are authentic and benefiting the local community.

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