Phuoc Tich Village

Phuoc Tich Village

Phuoc Tich village is an ancient village, where is undamaged and be protected. They made potteries since 15th century. The quality of pottery is very high now.

Phuoc Tich village is an ancient village, which dating back to 15th century. The village is about 37 km northwest of Hue city. It is besides O Lau River, which causes the quiet village surrounded by trees and water. The building in the village is traditional buildings. It may make you thought that you are back to 15th century.

There is only one entrance to the village, where is over a bridge to the west. After entrance the ancient village, temples, old buildings and wharfs will come into view. All you see can prove that this ancient village is untouched. Recent years, the Vietnamese government recognize Phuoc Tich village should be protected. They think preserving Phuoc Tich village is not only protect It from develop, but also give opportunities to tourist to experience this 500-years-old village. The local government also collaborate with local artisans to help them manufacture more high qualities pottery, which can increase the value of potteries.

During visiting Phuoc Tich village, you can communicate the local people and having lunch with them. Taking joy in afternoon time in the old buildings. While having lunch with the local people, you can understand more history and culture about Phuoc Tich village. If you are interesting in making desserts, you should take part in making popular local cake, which is made from rice flowers mixed with green bean that will definitely be a unique extensive for you. Alternatively, you can also ride the bike beside the O Lau River. The scenery along the way may help you release your mental and physical pressure.

To sum up, Phuoc Tich village is a special place, where can escape from the crowding city. Therefore, everything there will fascinate you very much, which is a good opportunity for you to have a trip to Phuoc Tich village.

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