Pre Rup Temple

Pre Rup Temple, Siem Reap

Pre Rup Temple has the importance of Temple Incarnations is a relic sanctuary in Angkor – Siem Reap region.

Spotted 25 km from the downtown area, is the national sanctum sanctuary was constructed by King Rajendravarman for 1 year from 961 to 962. Pre-rup was fabricated with the fusion of materials between blocks, laterite and sandstone. The sanctuary is based on a more stupendous scale than the East Mebon, and is maybe the best sample of the sanctuary mountain style of structure. Pre–rup has a square shape and was secured by 4 dividers. From the principle passageway to the sanctuary, there is a group of 5 towers found close to the divider.

The sanctuary is truly wonderful in the early morning or late evening in view of its blocks and laterite developments. For sure, the sanctuary has turned into a prominent option spot to view the nightfall and there are swarms that accumulate around the top in the late evening, there are not yet the crowds that swarm up Phnom Bakheng.

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