What to eat in Pu Luong

The culinary culture of Pu Luong is simple and typical of the way ethnic people live. It’s bringing the distinct characteristics of Thai cuisine with grilled dishes, herbal items, and spices with many mountain flavors. Food will be presented on a tray of leaves (Banana or Marantaceae leaves), which make dishes look more attractive and bring a mountainous sense. The food is all fresh along with high-quality ingredients and flavors.

Grilled cuisine

One of the most notable specialties to enjoy in highland Vietnam is grilled food: Grilled fish, grilled duck, grilled pork, grilled chicken… The meat will be well marinated with mountain flavors and then grilled on the woodstove. The result is an attractive crispy caramel-like color dish, emitting a hard to resist aroma. The texture of the meat inside is juicy and savory. These specialties will be enjoyed with herbals, rice or sticky rice.

When visiting Pu Luong, especially Hieu Village, it is definitely impossible to ignore delicacies made from Co Lung ducks. This is a purebred duck breed. Co Lung ducks are processed into many different delicious dishes, but the best way to enjoy it is to grill. Ripe duck meat with brown skin, sweetmeat, and charming fragrance will attract visitors right after the first glance.

Lam rice in bamboo tube

Lam rice is made from new rice, which is fragrant and sticky. The dish is cooked in a bamboo forest tube, served with salted roasted sesame, grilled pork, or chicken skewers.

Sniffing the blending fragrance of fresh bamboo, banana leaves mixed with glutinous rice as well as experiencing the aromatic taste of fresh rice, bamboo, coconut, the greasy saltiness of sesame or the great taste of grilled wild boar will certain induce guests to fall in love with this characteristic sticky rice.

Enjoying Com lam Pu Luong not only gives the taste of the dish, but also the sweetness of the forest water and the cool aroma of forest bamboo. All makes a very special flavor of this place.


The wine here is a kind of fermented rice wine. It is made of fermented glutinous rice mixed with several kinds of herbs (including leaves and roots) from the local forests. In the daily life of ethnic people in highland Vietnam, especially during festivals or ceremonies, wine is an indispensable drink. Both men and women here are great drinkers.

While experiencing the savory grilled dishes here, slowly sipping the wine, and looking out over the mountains and forests of Pu Luong, it is the sense that brings your soul closer to the instinct of nature.

Bitter Bamboo Shoot

Another flavor of the mountain, this is a simple but addictive dish. They’re often boiled, stirred, soaked, cooked, or pickled. It boasts a crisp texture and mild, earthy flavor. The bamboo shoot is a perfect side dish to enjoy along with different kinds of meat in the highland.

Hoi tangerine

Hoi tangerine is a bit more sour than other tangerines but it has a special aromatic flavor. This type of tangerine could grow naturally in the jungle, mountain slopes, or remote villages. Hoi tangerine is small, rough with spines like a snail’s shell. That’s why locals also call it snail tangerine. Its flavor is also strong, it could refresh the nose and throat. People in Pu Luong often use Hoi tangerine peels to make tea to treat asthma.

In recent years, highland people in Pu Luong are growing Hoi tangerine as a product and making tea. Hoi tangerine tea is made from 100% naturally dried tangerine peel with no preservatives or additives. The tangerine is squeezed to get the juice then put with tangerine peel, ginger, and sugar to process. Then, this solution could be mixed with honey to form a delicious drink, supplemented with vitamin C.

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