Queen Beach

Queen Beach, Quy Nhon

Located from center of the city of Quy Nhon about 2 km, in the tourist area of Ghenh Rang, Queen Beach has lovely and luxury beauty … as the name. Come here you’ll get a great feeling when stepping on the round stone which is smooth like giant eggs and are stacked on the beach. Here visitors will be immersed in a quiet space, harmony of wind and waves.

Queen Beach is nature’s gift was given to the land of Binh Dinh. The beach is famous for rocks located in the area named Nhan Chau – Bai Nhan “Martin Bird Beach”. Perhaps because this is the place martin bird often comes to collect food.

In the past, people use this miniature island as a landmark to specify direction. Later, a lighthouse was built on it. Go along the dirt path, visitors will have the opportunity to admire the sculpture artwork was created by nature. On a large stone, there is a sculpture look like human’s face. Other block of stone has the look like a big lion prancing into the East Sea.

Because of the love for this beach, through many times going with King Bao Dai to the Central, Nam Phuong Queen chose this place as her own beach. In 1927, King Bao Dai built a three-story mansion to serve himself and queen during these acts and leisure, sightseeing in Binh Dinh. This mansion was smashed by local people in 1949, now only the ruins are left, and the beach is called “Queen’s Beach” from then.

If you are going to Quy Nhon, take time to visit this beautiful coastal city to see the hidden beauty of this place and Queen’s beach is the destination cannot to be missed.

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