Russian Market

Russian market in phnom penh

Russian Market is located in the South of Phnom Penh. The Russian market is the most popular market among tourists because they can buy the best souvenir in this place.

In the past, the market was called Phsar Toul Tom Poung but in 1980s, its name was changed into Russian market because at that time, the most foreign tourists came to Phnom Penh were Russians.

Just like Central Market but larger, the Russian Market can offer you various of goods such as: hardware goods, cooked food and beverage, traditional handicraft and carvings, silk, antique furniture, DVDs, CDs, books and maps, gems, shoes and clothing.

A small tip for you is that you should visit the market early in the morning or mid afternoon because most of kiosks don’t have air conditioning or even a fan, and sometimes it feels steamy so that you should bring a takeaway coffee with you or relaxing in a coffee shop around.

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