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Ho Chi Minh City, widely known as Sai Gon and the second biggest city in Vietnam, is a metropolis on the move. The city is known to all but city officials, is Vietnam at its most dizzying: an important hub for commerce and culture that has driven the whole country forward with its endless energy.

The hustle and bustle of urban life and its vitality inspire all who settle here and tourists cannot help but be hauled along for the ride. Wandering through timeless alleys, you encounter an astonishing change in scenery from ancient pagodas, teeming markets, past ramshackle wooden shops selling silk, spices and baskets to sleek skyscrapers or at designer malls, foodie restaurants and minimalist bars. Whether luxurious hotels or affordable guesthouses, classic restaurants or humble street stalls, stylish boutiques or busy outdoor markets, Saigon has it all.

The Saigon experience is about so many things – memorable conversations, yummy delicacies and moments of frustration – yet it will not evoke apathy. Stick around this conundrum of a city long enough and you may just reveal its secrets. And once you’re done with the city, use it as a handy base to explore its neighbors: head out to the tunnels at Chu Chi, the Cao Dai temple at Tay Ninh or jet off to the sublime Con Dao. Then there’s the delightful Mekong Delta to explore.

Ho Chi Minh City is the largest and most populous city in Vietnam. The city is also nation’s premier tourist hub, drawing 70% of international visitors annually. This popularity stems from the city’s excellent infrastructure and convenient transportation, along with its abundant tourist resources and significant historical ties to Vietnam’s independence struggle. The city’s pleasant climate, with moderate sunshine and short-lived rain, ensures that every season is ideal for visiting.

Insider Guide to Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Here is your go-to handbook for maneuvering and utilizing facilities at Tan Son Nhat International Airport.

Tan Son Nhat Airport
Tan Son Nhat Airport

General Information

Tan Son Nhat International Airport is the largest international airport in Vietnam, welcoming over 30 million passengers annually.

  • Airport code: SGN (IATA), VVTS (ICAO).
  • Location: Truong Son Street, Ward 2, Tan Binh, Ho Chi Minh.
  • Distance from city center: 8 km.
  • Total area: 850 hectares.
  • Established: 1930
  • Airlines operating: 5 domestic airlines (Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Pan Pacific, Bamboo Airways, Vietravel Airlines) and 45 international airlines.
  • Terminals: Domestic Terminal (T1) and International Terminal (T2)
  • View Tan Son Nhat International Airport on Google Map

Getting to and from the Airport

It takes about 30 minutes by car to go from Tan Son Nhat International Airport to District 1 – the city center of Ho Chi Minh City. Here are some transportation options for you from Tan Son Nhat International Airport:

How to get to Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Transport Cost Pros & Cons

About 130,000 VND

(5,1 USD)

Fast, time-saving, private and capable of carrying multiple pieces of luggage. Suitable for 1-3 passengers.

Some contacts for 4-seater taxis:

– Xanh SM: 1900 2088
– Taxi Sai Gon: 028 38 383 383
– Taxi Vinasun: 028 38 27 27 27

Motorbike ride-hailing service

40,000 – 90,000 VND

(1,6 – 3,6 USD)

You will find this service conveniently located right outside the airport exit. However, it is designed for single passengers and may not be suitable for those with oversized baggage. Alternatively, you can opt to use mobile applications like Xanh SM (Green SM), Grab, and Be to reserve motorcycles or cars.

7,000 – 40,000 VND

(0,3 – 1,6 USD)

The bus pick-up area is situated near the airport exit. You can use Google Maps to get directions for taking the bus and to determine the correct bus number for your city destination.

From Tan Son Nhat Airport, you can catch buses numbered 152, 109, 119, and 149. Furthermore, shuttle bus number 49 provides service to and from the airport terminals, stopping at Notre Dame Cathedral, the City Opera House, and the lobbies of major downtown hotels.

Private Car

130,000 – 900,000 VND for 4 – 16-seat car

(5,1 – 35,4 USD)

For those traveling in a large group, booking a private car can offer both comfort and convenience, without needing to split up.

You can leave a message for Eviva Tour Vietnam for advice on suitable transportation options and vehicle types, or call some Ho Chi Minh car renting companies such as:

–          Xe mien Nam: 0987 019 123
–          Dai Hung Thinh: 0977 734 334

A 4-seater car can pick you up directly at the airport exit gate. However, if you use a larger vehicle or if parking is unavailable at the exit, you might need to walk a bit to the car park to board your vehicle.

Map Guide

Airport Facilities and Services

Terminal 1 (Domestic Terminal) Terminal 2 (International Terminal)
● Check-in counters
● Self-check in kiosks
● Boarding gates
● Information desk
● Baggage packing service
● ATM & Bank
● Post Office
● First-aid service
● Lost & Found
● Lounge Area
● Coffee shop, Restaurant
● Shopping Area
● Spa
● Smoking Room
● Toilets
● Bus, taxi
● Free wifi
● Free water
● Check-in counters
● Self-check in kiosks
● Boarding gates
● Information desk
● Baggage packing service
● Over Load Baggage, Baggage Claim
● ATM & Currency Exchange
● GST Refund
● Post Office
● First-aid service
● Children’s Play Area
● Sleeping Box
● Lost & Found
● Lounge Area
● Coffee shop, Restaurant
● Shopping Area
● Spa
● Shower Room
● Smoking Room
● Toilets
● Bus, taxi
● Free wifi
● Free water

Layout of Tan Son Nhat International Airport floors and services:

T2 - Arrival Hall
T2 – Arrival Hall
T2 - Departure Hall
T2 – Departure Hall
T1 - Arrival Hall
T1 – Arrival Hall
T1 - Departure Hall
T1 – Departure Hall

Important contact numbers

  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport Call-Center: +84 28 3848 5383
  • Tan Son Nhat International Airport Hotline: +84 28 3848 5634
  • Search and Rescue: 112
  • Police: 113
  • Fire protection and prevention: 114
  • Ambulance: 115

In addition to public contact numbers, be sure to have the phone numbers of friends in Vietnam, as well as those of your hotel and tour guide, so you can contact them promptly if needed.

Some helpful phone apps for visitors to Vietnam are Google Translate, Google Maps, Grab/Be/Xanh SM for ride-hailing and food delivery, Zalo for online chat and calls, and an offline money converter.

Nearby Accommodations

Here are some suggestions for you if you want to find a place to stay near the airport:

Medical services and pharmacies

In case you need medical help, you can go to the medical support rooms at the airport or go to international hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City:

Addresses of some pharmacies:

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