Silver Pagoda

Silver pagoda Phnom Penh

The Silver Pagoda: You might hear about this pogoda which is located inside the Royal Palace compound in the South. It is originally known as Wat Uborsoth Rotannaram and was built between 1892 and 1902 under the reign of King Norodom but at that time, the materials to build this pagoda were: wood and brick; and the design of Silver pagoda were based on Cambodian architecture style. The purpose of Silver pagoda is the place for the King to worship, pray and practice every Buddhist Silas Day.

In addition, the royal family always held official Buddhist ceremonies in there. The most surprised thing about Silver Pagoda is: there were no monks living in the pagoda so whenever the King held Buddhist ceremonies, the monks from other pagodas such as Wat Botumvattey and Wat Unaloam were invited to take part in the ceremonies. Therefore, the pagoda was damaged and Queen Kosamak Neary Rath wanted it to be repaired. Under the command of the Queen’s son, Prince Samdach Preah Norodom Sihanouk, the old pagoda was disassemble and reconstructed in 1962. The architecture was still remained, however, the floor was laid of 5,329 genuine silver tiles and the columns were covered with glass stone imported from Italia. Inside Silver Pagoda displays hundreds of luxury gifts that the Royal Family received for many years. Among the treasures are a strong gold Buddha encrusted with 9,584 jewels weighing 90 kilos, and a little seventeenth century emerald and baccarat gem Buddha.

The compound additionally houses Wat Phnom Mondap, containing Buddha’s footprint. The dividers encompassing the compound – the most established piece of the castle – are secured with frescos delineating scenes from the Khmer variant of the Ramayana, the Reamker. With its great value, the Silver Pagoda becomes a spotlight destination in Cambodia.

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