Spring wildflowers in Northwest Vietnam

Peach blossoms in Sapa, Vietnam

I journeyed to Northwest Vietnam in the gentle breezy cold first days of spring; interestingly, I was strongly impressed by multi – colored wildflowers in blossom in Northwest Mountains.

I departed from Hanoi and journeyed through Highway 1A to Lang Son. Along the paths I encountered amazing white and pink plum and peach fields. Meanwhile, my visit to Tuyen Quang and Ha Giang surprised me at bright yellow kale flowers grown beneath pink peaches along Highway 2.

Peach blossoms in Sa Pa and large plum fields in Son La, Dien Bien charms tourists with its bright colors and pretty flowers. The flowers are well – liked by Vietnamese people in Lunar New Year. Moc Chau Plateau is painted in the light purple of the flowers of the bead trees and the pure white of the ‘ban’ flowers grown along Pha Din Mountain Pass.

Peach and plum blossoms are typical flowers in spring. Wild peaches are different from peaches grown in Nhat Tan and Quang Ba. Wild peach blossoms have round buds and wide and thick petals and strong branches covered with rugged bark. Peach blossoms grown in rocky Dong Van Plateau fade away gloomy cold days and light up the whole scenery with its bright pure pink colors.

Late in spring, tourists are entranced at multi – colored triangular flowers grown Dong Van Plateau. The flowers are usually grown in spring and fall by locals living in Dong Van, Meo Vac (Ha Giang) and Bao Lam (Cao Bang). Triangular flowers are herbaceous species featuring the pyramid-shaped flower bud, pink, purple or white blossoms. The flowers are used to feed the livestock and the seeds are used to make bread.

Along the Highway 6 upward Long Luon Commune located in North West mountains, I encountered plum flowers grown along the valley and last for tens of kilometers in spring – just like I got lost in vast wild woods covered with immense white plum flowers. I was also entranced at white and yellow kale flower fields along the paths to the town of Moc Chau.

My journey to flower fields grown in desolate Northwest mountains in the cold days of spring were truly amazing and unique – it never be similar to flower gardens in Nhat Tan, Tay Tuu or flower markets located on Lac Long Quan Street (Hanoi) or Nguyen Hue, Tao Dan Park (Ho Chi Minh City). Thanks a lot my dear friends from Eviva Tour for all the help they have given me during my trip. Let’s pack up your stuffs and make your visit to the mountainous regions in spring!

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