Sule Pagoda – The Heart of Yangon

Sule Pagoda in Yangon, Myanmar

Being built 2200 years ago in the centre of downtown Yangon, Sule pagoda was called ‘Kyaik Athok’ in the Mon Language, which means the Pagoda where a sacred Hair Relic is enshrined. Standing majestically as an oasis of peace in the heart of busy modern Yangon, it is a glossy golden Mon-style pagoda, octagonal in shape, with each side 24 feet long; its height is 144 feet and 9.5 inches.

In the 1880s when the British were redesigning Yangon, Sule Pagoda was made the centre of their Victorian Grid Pattern. As for this historical period, the Pagoda is surrounded by many impressive buildings of which their architecture tell you stories of colonial era and the renaissance.

Near the Pagoda, you can also find other religious monuments such as Immanuel Baptist Church, a Mosque and a Hindu temple.

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