Ta Phin Village

Ta Phin village

A picturesque 30-minute drive from Sapa town brings you to the lively Ta Phin Village, nestled in a beautiful and pristine valley, around 15 kilometers in the northeast of Sapa. This is home to the Red Dao and Black Hmong people who are famous for their red headscarves and their handicraft skills.

Set among lush rice paddies, the village is dotted with 20 small home communes. Along the mountain side nearby are some smaller communes hidden among plots of green vegetables and fields of ripe corn.

Ta Phin Village is an ideal spot for trekking. Whether you wish to stay overnight in the village or just stop for a day, the local people will be happy to guide you around the village and surrounding countryside. Let’s set off on a trekking trip and explore the hill tribes’ fascinating culture and lifestyle. A common sight in the village is groups of Red Dao’s woman and the girls gathering together, gossiping and laughing, and focusing on their unfinished piece of embroidered cloth. The handmade brocades of the village are eye-catching with bright colours and patterns, ranging from bag, scarf, purse, to head band and skirts. Motifs on brocade are distinctively and sophistically decorated with various images of plants, birds, flowers, trees, etc which are familiar things with their daily life.The best time to visit Ta Phin is in late afternoon so you will enjoy an unparalleled view of sunset over the village and the whole surrounding areas.

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