Tham Chang Cave

Tham Chang Cave in Vang Vieng

Located in Meuang Xong Village, Tham Chang Cave is considered as the top destination to visit around Vang Vieng. The cave’s name means “unable to move” because of its freezing cold water and thanks to the fresh air, this is an ideal destination for visitors to cool off in the hot weather in Laos.

Tham Chang is famous for its beauty of numerous beautiful stalactites, rare stalagmites and its history as it was used as a bunker to defend against Yunnanese Chinese in the early 19th century and a house for inhabitants in a village in the civil war.

There are many ways tourists can find Tham Chang’s relaxed ambiance as they can swim in the small pool near the entrance with warm water or have a nice picnic on a patch of green grass near the cave. Besides, visitors can also be amazed by the spectacular view point outside the mountain where everyone can enjoy stunning scenery of the countryside.

To enter Tham Chang cave, tourists need to pay a small entrance fee and take about about 15-30 minutes to climb a couple hundred steps.
It is quite easy to to walk from town to Tham Chang because it is just over a kilometer away from the town centre. First, head south on the river road and then continue on the dirt path past Jamee Guesthouse to Vang Vieng Resort. Finally, cross the toll bridge over the Nam Song.

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