Tham Hoi Cave (Also Known As Snail Cave)

Tham Hoi Cave in Vang Vieng, Laos

Tham Hoi Cave is one of the four caves in the group Tham Sang Triangle. It would be a perfect place for adventurer because Tham Hoi is completely dark once visitors enter from the entrance. The cave’s special name is originated from its shape of a snail-shaped stalactite. The cave continues about 3km into the limestone and an underground lake.

Usually, when mentioned Tham Hoi Cave, people in Vang Vieng also think of Tham Loup as both of which are fairly interesting with the interiors that full of spectacular stalactites, gorgeous stalagmites, and thousands of stunning formations that look like melting candle wax.. In addition, the air inside of both caves are quite cool and one of them seemed to be extended a few kilometers into the hillside.

The most impressive feature of Tham Hoi cave is a golden reclining Buddha with statues of worshippers standing around it. There is also another large and splendid Buddha statue at the far end of the cave which many Buddhists come to pay their homage. From there, visitors can walk across the rice fields to another large cave which stretches kilometers into the mountain.

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