Thatbyinnyu Pagoda

Thatbyinnyu Pagoda in Bagan

Thatbyinnyu Pagoda is considered as the biggest one constructed in Bagan’s Middle period during the mid twelfth century under the dynasty of King Alaung Sithu. Without any reason, visitors should pay a visit here to explore it thoroughly. It is the tallest antiquated structure in Bagan with the height of 61 meters. Its colossal size and verticality make it an exemplary illustration of Bagan’s Middle period.

There is a maze-like structure inner to this landmark. One can go from inward sections to the top terrace. At that point from the principle eastern door ascended stairways leading to another part of the pagoda. There are steep stairways to get around the inside building, except for the forbidden top parts. The construction modeling of Thatbyinnyu Temple speaks to a transition from the Mon period to another Myanmar building style. In the past, Thatbyinyu Temple had a bronze chime; today, its stone backings are still able to be seen in the monastery compound in the southwest of the temple. Tally Pagoda, a small structure stands in the northeast of Thatbyinnyu, was assembled of one brick for each 10,000 bricks used to construct the main temple.

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