“To school” fundraising campaign for children in Nghe An, Phu Yen

Fundraising campaign for children in Nghe An, Phu Yen

The new school year is going to start soon on September 5th. After such a long summer, young students are eager to get back to their classmates and teachers. Unfortunately, various kids in the marginal regions of Tuong Duong, Ky Son district in Nghe An, and Phu Yen face several difficulties as their family cannot afford all the expenses for books, notebooks and other accessories for them to go school. With its mission of supporting education opportunities for the disadvantaged children, Eviva Foundation is calling for donation to support children in Nghe An and Phu Yen to have a fuller start for the new school year.

Who to donate: Kids aged from 4-8 in underprivileged villages of Nghe An and Phu Yen
What to donate: Old school books, school supplies, toys, books of fields as nature discovery, science, literature,..
When to donate: From 23 July to 15 September

How to donate:

1. Information for instrumental donations:
School books, school supplies as pens, pencil, color pen,.. stories and comics,
Contact: [email protected]

Today can be a very energetic day for you – and for others – if you take the time to give someone a smile, to say a kind word, to reach out to the person in need. to write a thank you note, to give an encouraging reminder to someone who is trying to get over the trouble and to share some of their physical assets with those around them. Let’s join us in writing these childrens’ dream “TOGETHER, WE GO TO THE SCHOOL !!!


Supporting children in remote areas where rarely receive support is our biquarterly company program. For further information about our project, please check out here.

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