Tran Quoc Pagoda

Tran Quoc Pagoda, Hanoi

Tran Quoc pagoda – one of the oldest pagoda in Ha Noi, after many times of relocated and repairation, Tran Quoc pagoda still kept its own spirit and standstill with pride and honor.

Vietnam has a lot of pagodas, some of them are very old and very marvellous. As a Hanoian, you can be proud of Tran Quoc pagoda – one of the oldest temple in Ha Noi and also in Viet Nam. Placed on the peninsula on the south of westlake near Thanh Niên road, Tran Quoc pagoda is famous for being a marvellos place and also a very attractive destination for budhists and tourists inside and outside of Viet Nam.

According to history, Tran Quoc pagoda was built in Lý Nam Đế’s period, named Khai Quốc (opening of a nation). This is a pagoda related closely to the beginning of the first state of Vietnam Van Xuan. After many times of relocated and repairation (1615 – 1842), Tran Quoc pagoda still kept its own spirit and standstill with pride and honor. All are related to the career of building, developing and protecting the nation, that is the spirit and the pride of Tran Quoc pagoda.

If you can look further, Tran Quoc pagoda hide itself under a vault of green leaves, placed on the only island of the biggest lake in Ha Noi. After many years, from Le Than Tong period (1624) to the beginning of Nguyen dinasty, The pagoda was constructed many times with forecourt, apse, hall, gates were built up more.

With 3000m2 and a only big raod made of red brick, the geomancy is very good and the gate is placed on the right back of the temple near Thanh Nien road, which is convinience for budhist and tourist.

Inside, the pagoda has so many architecture work placed very harmonious, specific for the rule of buddhism architecture. With many layers of houses, divide up in 3 main house: forecourt, Burn incense, upper house connect with each other to creat a “Công” word. Forecourt is on the left, 2 sides of Burn incense and upper house are two halls, the left hall has a monastery, the right hall now has a guest room with a lot of picture about the story of Thích Ca buddha.

The pagoda now keeping 14 steles, on one stele, there is still a story of temple restoration Dr.Dang Quy Thich in 1815.
Used to be a central of buddhism in Lý and Trần dinasty with beautiful design, Tran Quoc pagoda was a place for king and feudal lord to visit sites and make ceremonial offerings.

With more than 1500 years old, became a symbol of Ha Noi architecture. Nowadays, tourist still come here not only for ceremonial offerings but also for visiting sites.

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