Tu Lan Cave

Tu Lan Cave, Quang Binh

Tu Lan Cave system includes more than 10 caves totally, in which, Tu Lan is the main one. With an average distance of more than 1 kilometer per cave, this cave system is an ideal for adventurous travelers who want to explore and experience a life being close to the nature.

The trip begins with trekking through an untouched jungle then swimming through two spectacular river caves before emerging in a charming valley. Aside from the beauty though, it’s the adventure of swimming through the dark river caves that makes this tour exceptional. As you swim through each cave, you’re surrounded by gorgeous limestone formations, seen only by the light of your headtorch, and the fading daylight of the cave entrance behind you. The most interesting part of the trip is that when coming to Tu Lan cave system, tourists can swim in the dark cave to conquer about 5 different caves and contemplate the soaring cave roofs, the changing immeasurably heart of the cave with either hundreds of meters wide place as peaceful as a giant swimming pool or tight place full of slippery rocks.

At the end of the Cave exploration, tourists will camp by a small lake at the entrance of a large cave where there are stunning white butterflies. With climbing, trekking, and swimming through river caves, this will surely be a highlight of your travels in Vietnam.

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