Wat Ounalom Monastery

Wat Ounalom Monastery

Wat Ounalom is a famous pagoda located near the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. Wat Ounalom is the most Phnom Penh’s important pagoda because it is the center of Buddhism in Cambodia.

The pagoda includes a cluster of 44 buildings and this is the place where the top nation monks inhabit. In the past, Wat Ounalom was served as the library of the Buddhist Institute. At that time, the pagoda had a collection of 30,000 titles but later, it was ruined by the Khmer Rouge.

Through the years, the structure has been recaptured from its destroys by Vietnamese invasion in 1979. Recently, this old institute has been resituated to more spacious area on the Sihanouk Boulevard. The most imperative and famous credit identified with pagoda (or wat) is a hair from Buddha’s eyebrow which alluded to as “ounalom”. Nowadays, it has been saved carefully in a building situated behind the main wat of the Ounalom Pagoda.

If you are interested in exploring Asian regions, Wat Ounalom Monastery must be a perfect destination for you.

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