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Sarah, Tehran, Iran

(November, 2016)

Dear Hannah,

I hope you are having a great day and enjoying your life to the fullest. It was such a pleasure to visit your country and meet with your kind people. thanks for all the hospitality you showered on us. You made this trip so memorable. Everything was just great,the accommodation and land service totally met our expectations.

I hope once you are here I can be the same to you. Once again I appreciate your care.


David Ray Parmelee & Xuan Le Parmelee

(November, 2015)

Dear Eviva Tour,

We just came home from a wonderful 12 day tour to Vietnam. Almost immediately, we fell in love with the country, it’s food and it’s people. We are so pleased with how your company put together such an exciting and beautiful experience for us! We especially enjoyed the lunch we had in Hanoi with a local family. They made us feel so welcomed in their home and country. Originally, we had only planned to visit Vietnam once. Now we cannot imagine not going back. Thank you so much for the trip of a lifetime. We will never forget our experiences in your beautiful country. We look forward to returning.

Best regards,

Sara Artusi, Italy

(September, 2013)

Dear Ms Le and dear Dr. Cappiello,

Thank you so much for having organized my tour in Laos. Your organization proved to be once again perfect. The guides and the logistics as well. The tour itinerary was really interesting. I learnt a lot during the trip. It was also interesting to visit an NGO, “M.A.G.” (Mines Advisory Group) in Xieng Kohuang and learn about the secret war. I spread the voice about this NGO also once back home in the hope that somebody else will donate and will raise his/her awareness. It was my luck and privilege to visit beautiful Laos and its nice people. Laos is a prime destination. As I was there, I realized that the country is worth more and longer visits. There is much to see and do (nature, heritage, outdoor activities and sports, …). Well, Eviva Tour is really a cool tour operator!! It is to be recommended for sure! I will turn back to Eviva Tour for my next holiday trips to the Indochina area.

Once again, thank you! Best regard

Marilyn, United State

Hello Eviva!

Wow, how efficient you are! I am very happy to work with you.Yes, I got the letter and instructions.I look forward to seeing my name on a sign when I arrive in Vietnam.

Thank you so much!

Olga, Vlada, Vlasta and Hana, Czech Republic

(March, 2013)

Dear Mrs Trang,

On behalf of a group of four Czechs, I would like to thank you very much for very well organized journey to both parts of Vietnam. We spent in your beautiful country 2 weeks, and didn’t know what to admire more : tumultuous Hanoi, Sa Pa and its fogs, romantic Ha Long Bay, HCMC avenues or not forgettable Mekong Delta. We hope to come back one day. Wishing you personally and your company in general every success,

Yours sincerely,

Björn Björn – Sweden

(December, 2012)

Hello Xuan, we have arrived saftely back to Gothenburg, Sweden! Quite a contrast as well, here we have -8 , and in HCMC it was +33 degrees when we left. And today it is snowing, so now we have a beatiful vinterlandscape. We are very satisfied whith our Vietnam tour, we think it was a succes! We enjoyed the people, the food and all those interesting places we visited. And we think you have made a very good planning. We will tell our friends about our journey and recommend them to contact you if they will go to Vietnam!

Best regards,

Hans Strand Hans Strand – Stockholm

(December, 2012)

Hi Xuan, Yes, now we have returned to a very cold (-20 degrees Celcius) Stockholm. We would like to thank you for a very well organized tour in northern Vietnam. As I told you earlier this was my first visit to your country and our impressions are very positive. We have seen and learned a lot of your lovely country, its history and the local ethnic groups. The program you organized for us was very interesting and the standard of the accomodations and the local guides were very good. Maybe it could have been enough with just one night at Topas Ecolodge. The weather was a little bit foggy so you coudn´t see the surroundings that well. Maybe a night in Sapa could have been interesting. We appreciated very much the boat trip at Halong Bay. It was impressive to see the archipelago. We appreciated also the nice cabin you gave us on the boat! Hopefully I will attend the coming TUR in Gothenburg!

Best regards

Sara Artusi & Giovanni Marconi

(September, 2012)

Dear Xuan I have recived brief response from the group. It seems that all are very satiesfied and happy.We might even plan for one more group. Mr Magnus was also very happy with your assistment and the assistment and organisation of Eviva Tour. We will from now on try to increase our market share for Vietnam and surroundings and we will always cooperate with you. Best Regards David Kollberg – Sweden (November, 2012) Dear Ms. Xuan and Dr. Cappiello, Sorry for taking so long to reply your mail, but I’ve been sick. As we got back from Vietnam, there was a surprisingly chilly weather here in Milan. Well, eventhough we have just got back home a week ago, we’re already missing our great holiday trip to Vietnam. Thank you very much for having organized the “perfect” tour. We enjoiyed every minute of it. We will certainly reference Eviva Tours to our friends, family members and colleagues. We wish of being able to have you guys organize also more holiday trips for us…maybe next time also with our two kids! We’d love to visit also Laos and Burma (as we’ve already been in Cambodia in 2008). Thank you once again. My husband and I will certainly reference your excellent travel agency. Please feel free to publish the present mail either to your web-site in the dedicated section …maybe skipping the Mekong cruise 😉 or elsewere as you may deem appropriate.

Kind regards, Greetings from Milano!!!

Mariana Stuginski Barbosa – Brazil

(July, 2012)

I simply LOVED everything! Good service, good guide, good driver!!! Perfect!!!!! Thanks a lot! If I come back to Vietnam I will contact you again!! I am very happy with Vietnam, you helped with that!!

IMOLA Project – FAO

(April, 2012)

Dear Eviva Tour Team,

IMOLA project would like to express our deep thanks for your kind cooperation and support in logistics arrangements for the Italian delegation in the 7th Technical Workshop and Tour trip in the lagoon. We think that our delegate have wonderful time in Hue. We hope for the best of our future.

Best regards,

Customers from France

(March, 2012)

Dear Nhung. I just had a conversation with customers Wirth… They told me that everything was perfect during their stay and the guide they preferred was mr. Thu in Hue. I am super happy of this and it convince me that EVIVA is really a company who understand how to treat our customers

Thank you and sincerely congratulations for your job 🙂 Georges TOUR OPERATOR IN THAILAND

Senguptas, Thailand

(Feb, 2012)

Dear Ms Nhung, We have just completed our Tour – A snapshot of vietnam. Let me put on record our heartfelt appreciation for arranging such a great tour. We were impressed by the professional, courteous and most helpful support and help from all the guides. They all were great. Our most pleasurable and memorable experience was the Halong bay cruise. an additional day on the cruise would have been great. Once again do accept our heartfelt appreciation for arranging a great tour.

Best Regards

Debasis sengupta

PS: Some of our friends in Bangkok are interested in visiting Vietnam after hearing from us. I hope you will not mind if I forward them your website and your email address.

Johansson Ylva Sund, Sweden

(Feb, 2012)

Thanks for a great jo planning our tour in Vietnam. We are now back in Sweden. We are very satisfied with your service and we look forward to next visit in Vietnam. Maybe see you in Gothenburg in March at the Swedish International Travel & Tourism Trade Fair?

Best regards from family Sund and Johansson Ylva Sund, Sweden (Feb 2012)

Josefine Josefine, Sweden

(Feb, 2012)

We had a lovely time in Vietnam 🙂 We didnt really like Hanoi 🙂 You are so friendly especially to our little son 🙂 everybody wanted to pick him up on the restaurant, sometimes its good but sometimes its just not… The Phu Quoc resort was very nice 🙂 The bungalows were perfect for us…. we could come back, it was so nice as so cheap for us:)

Best regards,

Ulrika och Mats, Sweden

(Jan, 2012)

Dear Xuan,
We had a wonderful time in Vietnam! You have a beautiful country with lovely people! Everything with our tour turned out perfect. We are more than pleased. Moon garden homestay was something very special. I could have stayed there for weeks. The family and some of their personnel spoke English and were very service minded. They took us on a beautiful bike tour in the countryside and we also got to visit a local wedding. That was a lot of fun! The home stay in Ben tre was also very memorable. Totally different and a wonderful experience. The family was very friendly and made us feel welcome. Actually we could comment on almost everything as special and fascinating. Some other high lights were of course Halong Bay (Bhaya cruises was very nice!) and going by boat on the Mekong delta (would have liked to stay there for a longer time). Sapa was beautiful. Unfortunately the weather wasn´t that good, but we had a good time anyway. Arvid especially enjoyed the Cu Chi tunnels and the opportunities to go fishing at the home stays. I got two favorite restaurants; the one in Ha Noi (Mam?) and the one in Cu Chi…

Nick.Nicholas La Stella, Italia

(Jul 2011)

Dear Tran,
Thank you so much. I think I can speak on behalf of Giulia as well to say that your service was superb and that your assistance likes gold.
Unfortunately because of the typhoon we couldn’t see Ha Long Bay – it means we will have to come back!

All the best.
Thank you

Tiziana & Rosa

(Jul 2011)

The tour guides in Sapa, Hanoi e Ho Chi Minh were very professional. Hello! We are back to our offices, unfortunately! The trip was excellent and very very well organized. The tour guides in Sapa, Hanoi e Ho Chi Minh were very professional.
Thank you for everything and we hope to come back as soon as possible.


(Aug 2011)

Hope all is good with you in Hanoi. I have just read your e-mail… I liked your joke!!! I wanted to thank you for your kind assistance; I agree with Nick that you have been amazing in helping us with everything.
Best wishes,

Jean-Louis Excler, France

(Sep 2011)

Dear Mrs. Duong,
Yes, sadly this is the end of a wonderful trip in Vietnam. Ying already left to Korea. We wish to come back and visit the southern part and central hills. We are very grateful for the excellence of your assistance and services and thank you warmly. Mr. Thuan is a nice driver, very prudent, discrete, helpful and polite. I will give him the appreciation of the overall trip tomorrow morning when he comes to take me to the airport. Many thanks again with the hope we will see each other again and come back to Vietnam.

Do not hesitate to contact us during your trip to Italy.

Ulli Angeloni Ulli Angeloni, Italy

(Sep 2011)

All very well. The place is certainly charming, the service very personal, the food very nice. Guide was good too. We suggest to the owner of Ky Son homestay to change the name to ‘lodge’, which it really is. We believe it a bit misleading when hearing ‘homestay’ and thinking of sharing the bedroom with a group of foreigners.

Best regards

Victor Dey – Tranquil Resort, India

(Dec 2011)

Dear Ms. Trang,
Your mail dt 18/11 was awaiting my return from a short trip to Delhi. Our Vietnam holiday was most enjoyable – Halong Bay being the highlight. We found Hanoi very crowded but loved Hue & Hoi An. The hotels were excellent, the Morin in Hue being exceptional. All 4 of us like to stay in Heritage Hotels of 4 star standard. Perhaps you could enquire from your future clients their preference of hotels – this is just a suggestion. Coming to guides, our guide in Hanoi was very good & struck us as being a genuine person, interested in his work & the welfare of his clients. The lady in Saigon was also good, but unfortunately sent a replacement on the last day, who could just about speak & understand English, making it very difficult. Although a nice person, he was young & inexperienced. The guide in Hue & Hoi An could have put in a little more effort, & gave us the impression he was bored with his job. It would be helpful if you could guide clients as to the practice of tipping drivers & guides, & the approx amount. The guide in Saigon asked us to give the driver 10 USD, which we did. Overall we were very pleased with your service & would definitely recommend your agency to any of our friends visiting Vietnam. Am copying this to Mr. Ray Kurian for any additional comments he may have.

Warm regards, Victor Dey.


- Wife of Italian Ambassador in Vietnam

We spent almost 5 years in Vietnam and happily watched the birth of Eviva Tours in its new site. I used their services so often for myself and the many guests who visited us, that their friendly employees used to tease me about opening a new branch office for them. We always found Eviva to be efficient, kind and helpful in all ways. In spite of often very complicated arrangements, special requests, and last minute changes, the people we dealt with managed to organize everything for the best.

I would strongly recommend anyone travelling to Vietnam to use their services.

Sheridan Crawshaw JP

(Nov 2011)

My husband, Nelson, and I recently took an Eviva Tour, on Wednesday 11th June from Hanoi (Melia Hanoi Hotel) to the Silk and Ceramic Villages, and we both wanted to contact you to say how happy we were with the tour and more importantly how much we enjoyed our Tour Guide Nguyen The Thuan. He was very knowledgeable, friendly and has great customer service. We would recommend him and the company to anyone visiting Hanoi, and have given several of our friends the Company name. Thank you again for such great service. Please pass on our appreciation to Thuan.

Kind regards

Beatrixe Leonini

(Dec 2011)

Dear Xuan,
You were quicker than me! We arrived safe and well yesterday morning, a little tired after such a long flight, with all our luggage, did not loose anything and full of wonderful memories. Laos so beautiful and very different from all the others places, very quiet and charming as if the time had stopped. Hotels and guides perfect. I had been in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap in 2011, it certainly changed very much, you can see that life and living standard improved a great deal. Juliana Hotel was my choice but it provid to be the wrong one, it is not very well located, and overall not very preasant. Apart from a very good foot massage which Riccardo did (he harmed is foot end of December and still suffers very much) and the nice pool, and there is nothing else which I could recommend… Again both guides very very good. Sokha Angkor excellent Hotel, good location, very nice pool area, you were certainly right when you were recommended it. We liked Chau Doc very much and had a nice relaxing day found a smiling and intelligent Tuc Tuc driver who took us around, he found a friend with a boat to go to the floating market, all in all very pleasant Interesting trip through the delta and county side to HCM City, certainly better than just a day trip to visit the Delta from HCM. We had a good time in Phu Quoc, the hotel is nice very friendly staff, good seafood, very quiet, young people can easily more around the island with a hired motorcycle, due to our age and inability we where a little limited. By now we feel very much at home in HCM City, recommend the visit of the Reunification Palace which we did not see last year, very interesting visit. Compliments to your driver it HCM, he arrived very punctual to pick us up for the airport transfer, but the traffic was so chaotic that we really thought we were going to miss out plane to BKK, he was simply brilliant and managed to get us to the airport in time without loosing his nerves. We are used to very heavy and chaotic traffic in Rome but HCM that night was something never seen. Unfortunately our friends are not very adventurous and our daughters have small children and are working but surely if I have the opportunity to recommend your agency I will certainly do so.

I hope we are not going to loose contact, give our greetings to Son, with best regards

Fabio and Luisa Molin, Italia

(Oct 2010)

Dear Xuan, we do hope that your trip to Italy was as satisfactory as ours in Vietnam and Cambodia without any doubt has been| As for that, we desire to thank you for the excellent planning and organization. No moment of our travel was disappointing and we would got change any moment of it. Places were beautiful, in some cases really magnificent, people almost always lovely and the nature charming. Angkor is unforgettable. We believe necessary to underline as well the remarkable work that our guides in Hue, Mekong delta and Siem Reap did! they combined good preparation, continuous dedication and gentle attitude to us in every moment.

Best regards



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