Vietnam itself with the 1st runner-up for the 8th wonders of the world – Ha Long Bay in the north of the country – offers you amazingly exotic cruise rowing gently around a “jungle” of 1,969 islets. While the thrilling, busy and romantic and exciting Mekong that a cruise tour has to offer, Indochina is a place not to be missed. Noted for its rich culture and diverse ethnic minorities, the region also boasts scenic seas and rivers that serve as a perfect backdrop for a wonderful cruising experience. Whether you are interested in exploring the legendary Ha Long with its spectacular karst and emerald waters or the busting Cai Be floating market, we will take care of all the finer details to make sure you have a journey to remember.

When it comes to your decision for a hotel or a cruise in a new country, it is very important for you to be consulted carefully by a local DMC who frequently inspects the suppliers, double checks the current status of the rooms and facilities and provides you with the best consultancy for your best worth of money value.

Furthermore, a local DMC understanding each and every beach, swimming pool of each resort on the same long street, clarifying for you which is the best location hotel in town, a local DMC with deep knowledge of each and every itinerary and all the benefits a cruise can offer suitable for your behavior would save you from time and costs to search online and especially the risk that you may face when you consult to your customers.

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