What to buy in Bagan

Of all the handicrafts in Myanmar, the most distinctive one are lacquerware so all tourists coming here would like to buy one to remind them of this ancient country. Chan Thar Lacquerware Workshop, shoppers will not be disappointed in this place as the store carries an extensive selection of lacquerware, and their collection includes everything from kitchenware (plates, cups, etc) to ornamental pieces (jewelry boxes) to furniture.

Shwe War Thein is considered as one of the best souvenir shops in the region. This shopping destination is the place to go for truly exquisite items. Its merchandise includes puppets (antique and new), wood carvings, chess sets, lacquerware, bronze pieces and gems. The staff members are passionate about the products they sell, but customers will never feel pressure to buy.

Bagan offers a variety of unique souvenirs that you can consider buying. Here are some popular options:

1. Lacquerware: Bagan is famous for its exquisite lacquerware products, including bowls, plates, boxes, and decorative items. These are handcrafted and intricately designed.

2. Sand paintings: Bagan is known for its sand paintings created by local artists. These artworks depict scenes from Myanmar’s culture, religion, and landscapes.

3. Wooden handicrafts: You can find beautifully carved wooden items such as figurines, puppets, and traditional Burmese instruments. These reflect the local craftsmanship.

4. Longyis: Longyis are traditional Burmese skirts for both men and women. They are available in vibrant colors and patterns, making them a great choice as a wearable souvenir.

5. Gemstones and jewelry: Myanmar is renowned for its precious gemstones like rubies, sapphires, and jade. You’ll find an array of jewelry options including rings, earrings, and bracelets.

6. Traditional textiles: Bagan is known for its handwoven fabrics made from cotton or silk. Look for intricately designed scarves, shawls, or traditional garments like the “htamein.”

7. Buddha statues: Bagan is home to thousands of ancient temples, and small replicas of Buddha statues can be found as souvenirs. These can range from small, pocket-sized figurines to larger, intricate sculptures.

Remember to buy from reputable sellers and ensure that any items you purchase comply with customs regulations of your home country.

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