What to eat in Cao Bang

What to eat in Cao Bang? Top specialty foods of Cao Bang.

Smoked Beef Jerky

Famous as the specialty of the mountainous provinces, smoked beef jerky is truly a tasty snack. The beef is marinated with salt, ginger juice, chili, and white wine. After that, the cook will hang the beef on top of the kitchen ceiling. You can sip on a cup of wine or a can of beer and try out smoked beef jerky. That sounds great.

Trung Khanh Chestnut

Trung Khanh Chestnut is a famous specialty in Cao Bang. Its appearance has a tough shell and hairy in contrast with white inside. Every year the chestnut season lasts from September to October in the Lunar calendar, Trung Khanh chestnut is especially for its greasy flavor and big size. Therefore you don’t forget to buy for members of the family.

Mien Dong

Arrowroot vermicelli or Mien Dong in Cao Bang is one of the best vermicelli in Vietnam. Because of the high quality of the arrowroot planted on hillsides, especially no preservatives, no bleaching, so Mien Dong is slightly brown but very clear. Mien Dong is similar to glass vermicelli or noodle; you can cook in terms of pho recipe or stir-fry with vegetables. Note: Mien Dong is low in calories, so it is very healthy food.

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