Best time to visit Da Lat

You have definitely heard about Dalat as one of the most incredible and desirable destinations in Vietnam. And it is, without any doubt! Located in the north of Lam Dong province, Dalat is at an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level. As a result, Dalat has a typically stable climate, where the weather is mild and pleasant all year round. With all these favorable conditions, tourism in Dalat has many great opportunities to develop and it has become a trend in recent years. It’s high time to find out about the best time to visit Dalat with our helpful information below!

Weather in Dalat

Just like other cities in Tay Nguyen, Dalat weather is separated into 2 seasons: the dry season and the wet season. The temperature in Dalat is also pretty consistent, with the average temperature of 20 degrees Celsius, making it favorable for any activities. The interesting thing is the temperature range in a day here is relatively large, about 11 degrees Celsius – a factor that makes Da Lat known as having 4 seasons in one day. Although Da Lat has 2 distinct seasons, each period in the area has its own unique characteristics. Whichever season you opt for in Dalat, in any case, would not disappoint you!

The dry season, the magical season of blossom.

The dry season in Dalat lasts from November to April of the following year. This is a wonderful time for a visit since Dalat becomes dry and rarely rains, the average total rainfall is only a few days a month.

From November to January, the weather is much cooler, drier, and extremely suitable for tourism activities. It’s the time when Mimosa flowers and wild sunflowers bloom all over the road. Dalat becomes romantically and sadly beautiful, with a little wind, a little mist, and a little numbing coldness. In the chilly weather of Dalat on winter days, an opportunity to explore the wild sunflower fields, visit the majestic Langbiang, or enjoy a Tay Nguyen-style cup of coffee would be so precious.

From February to April, humidity, slow wind, and cloudy sky create the conditions for the formation of hoarfrost and fog. The special thing about Dalat in this period is, the whole city turns into an actual paradise as the flowers and trees sprout. Flowers can be seen everywhere, on the roadside, the hillsides, street corners, balconies, or in someone’s garden. Especially, it is the time when the streets in Dalat are fully pink-dyed of cherry apricot blossom, which definitely cannot be witnessed anywhere else!

The wet season with persistent but romantic rains.

The wet season takes place from May to October. Paying a visit to Dalat at this time, you almost always have to prepare an umbrella because there are about 20 rainy days a month! However, don’t worry as a tour to Dalat in this season will definitely turn into a great experience!

From May to July, Dalat is known as the season of incessant rains, delivering the scent of red dirt, pine trees, and thousands of flowers. The mist spreading across the sky and all around the city makes Dalat look like a fairy place. Additionally, rarely anywhere in Vietnam can purple phoenix flowers grow and bloom as beautifully as Dalat. So every time you want to immerse yourself in the poetic scenery with purple phoenix flowers, Dalat is absolutely an ideal choice.

From August to October, it’s the wettest period of the year, with gentle breezes and poetic rainy days. In this period, Dalat retains its delicate colors with green pine hills and gorgeous flower gardens.

Figure out the best time to visit Dalat

With all the information about the wonderful weather given above, it’s pretty tough to make a decision when is the perfect time to travel to Dalat. Well, the most recommended time for a trip to Dalat would be between December and March, the time of season change from winter to spring. With the cool dry weather, full-bloomed flowers fields, clear blue sky, and gentle sunshine, this would be an “irresistible offer” for any tourism activity.

Tourism seasons in this city

Peak season

The peak tourism season of Dalat takes place from November to March next year. As mentioned earlier, the ideal condition in Dalat during this period explains why there are so many people planning to visit this lovely city. This is also the time before, during, and after the Lunar New Year, and Dalat must be a great place to enjoy and celebrate the new-year days with family and friends.

Shoulder season

The period from mid-May to the end of July is the shoulder of the tourism season in Dalat. Dalat welcomes a lot of visitors at this time because, in the other parts of the country, the summer weather is usually hot. So in order to avoid the summer heat, people often opt for the wonderful climate of Dalat. Furthermore, since this is also summer-holiday time, it’s understandable that a lot of travelers come to Dalat. However, rest assured that although the number of visitors increases significantly, the service prices in these months don’t increase too much.

Off-peak season

Rains come to Dalat quite frequently in August and September. As a result, there is a noticeable decrease in the number of people visiting Dalat in these 2 months. The absence of dry and sunny days may hinder people from exploring and experiencing the city; however, that might not be you if you are a fan of gentle winds and drizzling rains!

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