What to eat in Hanoi

Places to find the renowned taste of Hanoi

Is it hard to try Vietnamese food at the moment? Of course not, you can find restaurants with Vietnam’s popular dishes around the world from East to West countries. But then what makes original places in Vietnam different? You will know the answer when you go down the chaotic and overlapping roads of Hanoi, sitting in Vietnam tables and chairs street style, having meals like locals, hearing the sound and movements. Feeling of one dish is made from not only the smell and taste, but also the ambience, setting, human, and stories. If you wonder about street food in Hanoi or where to eat in Hanoi, let’s check it out here!

These places recommended below are all famous and familiar eating places in Hanoi with locals. We do not introduce destinations exclusively for foreigners to Vietnam, but destinations for locals with space and food that are true to the taste of Hanoians. Some places can be a bit messy, a bit chaotic, but we enjoy it alot. You can visit, feel deeply about the way the restaurant chefs prepare your meals and desserts in a few minutes in front of you, the way people eat, chat and feel the culture that created the cuisine. Eat like locals, taste like locals.

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Bún Chả Hà Nội
The perfect lunchtime treat.

Bún chả is a Vietnamese dish. ‘Bun’ means rice vermicelli, ‘cha’ is Vietnamese meatballs. The dish includes rice vermicelli, grilled pork on charcoal, a bowl of sweet and spicy dipping bowl and herbs. While eating, you can add some chili, pepper, and garlic vinegar to the dipping bowl. Some restaurants serve fried spring rolls in the portion, the spring roll can be dipped right in the dipping sauce bowl. The dish has become more popular since US former president Obama visited Vietnam and tried this dish right at the restaurant. This dish also featured in the platinum jubilee cookbook of the UK.

Bun cha Obama (Bún chả Hương Liên)

This seems to be the most popular Bun Cha serving brand in Hanoi because US former president Obama ate Bun Cha here during his visit to Vietnam in 2016. Since then, the name Bun cha Obama is even more famous than the original name Huong Lien.

Bun cha Sinh Tu (Bún chả Sinh Từ)

This is a successful chain of restaurants specializing in bun cha in Hanoi. Welcoming thousands of guests every day is probably enough to show the position of Bun Cha Sinh Tu in the hearts of Ha Thanh diners. From the first store on Sinh Tu Street (now Nguyen Khuyen) until now, Bun Cha Sinh Tu has 12 stores located in prime locations in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Sinh Tu bun cha restaurant was established in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Up to now, Sinh Tu is still mentioned as one of the best bun cha restaurants in Hanoi. One of the secrets to attracting customers is the method of marinating and grilling meat very well. The processing method of the restaurant is not much different from other shops, but makes people remember forever without forgetting the typical heirloom flavor.


Banh mi, a world-famous dish
Banh Mi – Vietnamese Baguette


Banh mi is Vietnamese bread. The food has a crunchy outer shell, soft foam inside, and especially the variety of fillings such as meats, pate, eggs, herbs, pickled veggies, ham… Fast, convenient but still tasty and delicious, this is what made Banh mi stand out and popular for decades in Vietnam.

Banh mi Phuc (Bánh mì Phúc)


Phở Thìn Hà Nội

Pho is considered one of the most typical and popular dishes when talking about Vietnamese cuisine. The main component of the bowl is pho, broth, thin sliced beef or chicken. Also accompanied by spices such as: soy sauce, pepper, lemon juice, fish sauce, chili, spring onion, herbs… These spices are added depending on the taste of each user.

Pho Thin Lo Duc (Phở Thìn Lò Đúc)

This is a long-standing pho brand of Hanoi capital since 1979, Mr. Thin is the founder of this pho brand. The famous thing about the bowl of Pho Thin is that the beef slices here are not cooked in hot broth like other restaurants but stir-fried with ginger, garlic, and scallions before adding to the bowl. A bowl of pho here is also full of chopped scallions and served with a fragrant, fatty broth.

Pho Bat Dan (Phở Bát Đàn)

If Pho Thin is different by its cooking way to stir-fried beef and eating with many onions, the 100-year-old Bat Dan Pho will bring you the original Hanoi Pho flavor – fatty, clear broth, soft rare beef, typical for Hanoi capital dedicated traditional Pho.


Cha Ca La Vong, Hanoi
A food so good they named a street after it.


Chả cá Lã Vọng

Cha ca La Vong is a grilled fish dish. But the way to prepare and enjoy the dish is sophisticated and worth trying. The fish which is selected to process is hemibagrus (a type of catfish) with few bones, fresh and firm fish meat. The hemibagrus will be marinated with galangal juice, turmeric, sour fermented rice, pepper, and shrimp paste to be lightly grilled on a charcoal stove. When preparing to eat, the restaurant will put fish pieces in the oil pan and then add dill and sliced scallions. The dish will be eaten with rice vermicelli, roasted peanuts, shrimp paste, and chopped onions soaked in vinegar to reduce the greasy taste. Shrimp paste should be well stirred with lemon juice, chili slices, sugar, and a little white wine. Shrimp paste is recommended however if you can’t eat it, you can replace shrimp paste with fish sauce. This dish is strongly loved by many locals and visitors.

 Cha ca Thang Long (Chả cá Thăng Long)

This place is popular among Vietnamese people due to the space and taste of the restaurant is undeniable.


Vietnam sweet porridge

In Vietnamese cuisine, sweet desserts can be considered a cultural feature with options. It is not hard to tell. In each region, sweet dishes have a very local nuance. Hanoi sweet bowls are also impressive and worth trying.

Xoi che Ba Thin (Xôi chè Bà Thìn)

Sweet but fresh and smooth – that is what this sweet porridge applies for you. The vendor is small with a typical street sitting on plastic chairs and selling Vietnam’s most traditional sweet porridge. The space will not be as good as the restaurants, but the taste is something that many locals appreciate. You can choose from many sweet tea dishes on the menu to try on the spot or buy to take away. The main ingredients of the dishes here are sticky rice, coconut, peanut, rice flour, bean, and jelly.

Chè 4 mùa hàng cân (4 season sweet porridge)

This place will show you how the modern sweet porridge looks like. Besides with traditional options, the dishes here are also mixed with tropical fruits, more kinds of jelly, tapioca, nuts.

Vua tào phớ (Young tofu dishes)

What is more smooth and fresh than sweet porridge? That is young tofu. The fragrant pure white with flan texture of young tofu in a small bowl with sugar fluid, sticky tapioca, dried coconut, and cool jelly will make you love it right at the first try. This place also has the young favorite menu including ice-cream, cake, tapioca milk tea.


Coffee filters through a phin
Coffee filters through a phin

Coffee is not only a drink but also a culture and lifestyle of Vietnamese people. Unique creations like egg coffee, salt coffee, coffee with condensed milk, coconut milk coffee… have conquered many foodies.

Lam Coffee

The cafe shop is famous for its back story about a difficult pre-modern time in Vietnam before and after the war. The cafe used to be a familiar place for Vietnamese writers and artists. Mr. Lam – the owner of the cafe was very sympathetic to the difficult economic situation and was willing to help young artists of that period. Today, the cafe still retains many of the works of artists who visited Mr. Lam’s shop.

Giang Coffee – The origin of egg coffee

Mr. Giang is the person who made egg coffee. The fatty and salty blend of egg yolks with the bitter taste of coffee create an unexpected flavor for this drink. Of course, the menu of the shop will also have many other types of coffee.


Ta Hien beer street in Hanoi
Ta Hien beer street in Hanoi

Those living in Hanoi will not be strangers to the busy street operating almost without rest even late at night, always crowded, bustling – Ta Hien Street. The street is known as the sleepless entertainment paradise in the heart of the capital city. This street has a lot of destinations, dishes and places that give you a lot of unique, engaging experiences that appeal to a large number of indigenous people, domestic and foreign tourists.


Top of Hanoi

Located on the 67th floor of 5-star Lotte Towel, Top of Hanoi has a great rooftop city view bar in Hanoi with a 360-degree view that can see the whole of Hanoi capital and surrounding areas. The sky bar serves a wide range of cocktails, wine, gourmet food and classic brasserie, from Western to Asian dishes, which was skilfully created in the rooftop show kitchen. Stay at the top of Hanoi, take a sip of a nice drink, and listen to live band music. Don’t miss a night on Top of Hanoi.

Aira Rooftop

Located on the top two floors of Aira Boutique Hanoi hotel & Spa, Aira Sky Bar & Lounge will bring you a wonderful experience in Hanoi capital. Here, you can see the Hanoi Flag Tower and the National Assembly building with brilliant lights at night. Along with that, come here and enjoy Vietnamese dishes and drinks that are extremely varied.

The Summit Bar

The bar is located on the top of the wonderful Pan Pacific with a view of the West Lake – the largest lake in Hanoi. This is also a loved area for expats living in Vietnam. Summit Bar serves a wide range of food and drinks, organizes large and small parties when requested by guests, etc. All of which create a memorable Summit Bar and worth the experience.

Northern Soul Rooftop Bar

The Northern Soul Rooftop Bar sits in the very heart of the famous “Beer Corner” – Ta Hien Street. Offering the only rooftop bar in the area, Northern Soul features the best view of Hanoi’s premier go to intersection for drinks and nightlife. It is also the perfect place to view the city sunset, all while listening to hits and rare gems spanning the entire history of Soul, Funk and Motown music. Open well beyond the typical “Beer Corner” hours, whether you’re into dancing, having conversations between friends or just taking in the vibe and enjoying a drink, The Northern Soul Rooftop Bar definitely has something for you.

Moonlight Sky Bar

Located on the top floor of the La Siesta Classic Ma May, the Moonlight Sky Bar is a chic and sophisticated bar with spectacular views of the city skyline. What makes Moonlight Sky Bar special is its highly symbolic bridge, which tells the story of the Long Bien Bridge, a historical witness of the Vietnamese nation. With its sleek and modern design, this bar is the perfect spot for those looking to unwind after a long day at work or enjoy a cocktail, listen to music, and chill out with friends. Why not come and experience the magic of this rooftop oasis for yourself?

Ignite Sky Bar

Ignite Sky Bar is one of the unique and outstanding entertainment venues in Hanoi. Located on the rooftop of the Peridot Grand Luxury Boutique Hotel, the Sky Bar offers a chic, elegant and stylish space to enjoy stunning city views. With modern design, unique and stylish architecture, Ignite Sky Bar will be the ideal place to enjoy a unique cocktail or delicious food with friends or colleagues. Here, you can also relax with music and enjoy the vibrant Hanoi night atmosphere.

Terraco Sky Bar

Terraco Sky Bar brings a unique rooftop bar experience in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Located on the top floor of the stunning La Sinfonia del Rey Hotel & Spa in Hang Dau, Hoan Kiem. Terraco Sky Bar offers a panoramic view of Hoan Kiem Lake, Ngoc Son Temple, and Turtle Tower. The menu features signature cocktails that have existed in the old quarter for centuries and serves high-class dishes with an international menu.

Diamond Sky Bar

Located on the top 3 floors of the hotel, Diamond Sky Bar is a prominent rooftop bar in the middle of Ta Hien neighborhood. Not only possessing a rooftop style, this Hanoi sky bar also impresses diners with its unique design space. Diamond Sky Bar shines with a perfect 360-degree view along with a luxurious and polite space like a brilliant diamond in the sky of Hanoi. This will be a great place for you to relax, sip a cocktail or glass of brandy and quietly watch the city.

Skyline Hanoi

Visiting the Old Quarter is said to be the best way to experience the “real” Hanoi. However, for the best view of the old quarter, you should head to its rooftops. Skyline Hanoi, located at the Tirant Hanoi Hotel, is a beautiful rooftop restaurant that offers panoramic views of Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Hoan Kiem Lake, and Long Bien Bridge – a historical landmark. The restaurant has a diverse menu that includes Asian and European dishes, as well as skillful and delicious cocktails. Visit Skyline Hanoi for an appetizing lunch and a beautiful sunset!

Lighthouse Sky Bar

When visiting Hang Be in Hoan Kiem, finding a nice bar with fine drinks is easy. However, if you’re looking for a bar with a unique, modern yacht design, the Lighthouse Sky Bar is the place to go. Located on the top two floors of La Siesta Premium Hotel Hang Be, this bar offers stunning views of the entire Hanoi Old Quarter and the beautiful Red River from above. In addition to cocktails, Lighthouse Sky Bar also serves light snacks. Don’t miss out on the daily drink promotion and the opportunity to watch the beautiful Hanoi sunset starting at 5:00 pm!

Cloud Sky Bar

Cloud Sky Bar is an enchanting rooftop destination for those who love to watch the sky and stars. Located on the top of JW Marvel Hotel & Spa, Cloud Sky Bar brings you a beautiful sunset image, the city lights up after each sunset. And with a cocktail, enjoy these relaxing moments with melodious music!

Sol Sky Bar

Sol Sky Bar with a prime location on the rooftop of Solaria Hanoi Hotel will bring you a great setting, a lively night of music and an unforgettable cocktail. Under the bright shimmering lights combined with chill tunes amidst the sparkling night sky of the city, people are overwhelmed with emotions.

Starlight Skybar

Starlight Skybar offers a completely refreshing experience for diners, when drinks are not the only thing they enjoy here. With breathtaking views of Hoan Kiem Lake and Hanoi’s Old Quarter, fresh air and catchy modern music, guests can relax and sip on hand-crafted cocktails while watching the sunset and Night view of the city.

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