What to buy in Inle Lake

Shopping is an entirely different experience at Inle Lake as people come here mostly get all the goods from floating markets all around the lake. The Mine Thauk Market (also known as the five-day market) is a large floating market. Even though its trading schedule can sometimes be confusing, the market is very popular for their wide range of goods.

For those looking for a particular product, the shopping can be done in the village in which the product is made. Inphaw Khone is a great example of village that becomes a popular tourist destination because of its weaving workshops. The village is best place to purchase lotus-silk shawls. The shawls can be expensive, mainly because of the arduous process involved in production.

When visiting Inle Lake, there are several unique souvenirs you can consider buying. Some popular options include:

1. Handmade Shan umbrellas: These are traditional umbrellas made with mulberry paper and bamboo frames. They are beautifully painted and can be used as decorative items or functional umbrellas.

2. Lotus silk textiles: Inle Lake is known for its lotus silk weaving. You can find scarves, shawls, and fabric made from lotus fibers. They are lightweight, durable, and have a unique texture.

3. Silverware and jewelry: The region has skilled silversmiths who create intricate silver jewelry and decorative items. Look for handmade silver rings, necklaces, or small silver statues.

4. Cheroot cigars: Inle Lake is famous for its cheroot cigars, which are made by hand using local tobacco. They have a distinctive taste and make for an interesting souvenir.

5. Shan shoulder bags and bamboo crafts: Shan people are known for their craftsmanship, and you can find beautifully woven shoulder bags made from colorful fabrics. Additionally, bamboo crafts like baskets, trays, and other household items are popular.

Remember to explore the local markets around Inle Lake, such as the rotating Five-Day Market, to find a wide variety of souvenirs and locally made goods.

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