What to buy in Quang Binh

Quang Binh Province offers a wide range of choices that will satisfy every shopper. Most of the stores are situated in the capital, making Dong Hoi City an ideal place to shop. You may find some favourite costumes at Nua The Gioi Fashion, Hai Long Fashion – Blue Exchange, 2BI Fashion, …

When it comes to shoes, try Tan Dinh Footwear Shop, Tuan Footwear Shop and T&T Footwear Shop. If you would like to bring home some souvenirs for your friends, Clem’s Souvenir Shop in Dương Van An St. is recommended. Those who want to discover local markets should go to Dong Hoi Market, Ba Don Market (in Quang Trach district) or Treo Market (in Le Thuy).

When tour in Quang Binh, there are several souvenirs you can consider purchasing:

1. Handicrafts: Quang Binh is known for its skilled artisans who create beautiful handmade products such as wooden carvings, lacquerware, and traditional textiles. These make excellent souvenirs to bring back home.

2. Dong Hoi specialties: Dong Hoi, the capital city of Quang Binh, offers various local specialties like peanut candy, sesame candy, and mixed sweet potato chips. These tasty treats can be great gifts for family and friends.

3. Fish sauce: Quang Binh is renowned for its high-quality fish sauce, which is a staple ingredient in Vietnamese cuisine. You can find locally produced fish sauce in different flavors and sizes, making it a unique and authentic gift option.

4. Cave-related merchandise: Quang Binh is famous for its magnificent caves, such as Phong Nha Cave and Son Doong Cave. You can find cave-themed souvenirs like T-shirts, keychains, and postcards showcasing the natural beauty of these caves.

5. Natural products: Quang Binh is blessed with an abundance of natural resources. Products made from local ingredients such as honey, tea, or medicinal herbs can make meaningful and health-conscious souvenirs.

Remember to explore local markets and gift shops in Quang Binh to find a wider range of souvenirs that reflect the region’s culture, tradition, and natural wonders.

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