5 Fascinating fashion choices in Hanoi

Tan My design

The inspiration of classic ethnic fashion combined with modern style has never ceased to be attractive because of the specificity and comfort that they bring. If you visit Vietnam, wondering where to find unique Vietnamese costumes with a modern spirit, you can refer to the addresses below.

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Tan My design – Hand-embroidered technical through 4 generations

This is a 50 years traditional hand-embroidery shop through 4 generations in Hanoi’s Old Quarter. In addition to hand embroidery and silk products, the shop also sells a variety of lacquerware, jewelry, furniture, etc.

Tan My is a famous destination for fashion products that are hand-embroidered and processed by hand, made and preserved by four generations of a family. The shop staff worked exclusively to ensure the best quality for beautifully designed clothing products. The shop is spacious, aesthetic, and has a wide range of products. There is also a small coffee shop inside.

Xéo xọ – Bring Vietnam colors and style to you

Xéo xọ

Ao Dai is Vietnam’s national costume. Ao Dai is a style of long splitted dress and worn with pants. The fabric of the Ao Dai is usually gentle, showing the simplicity and elegance of the outfit. Ao dai today is often worn on formal occasions such as special holidays, when taking pictures, on New Year’s Day… Nowadays, with innovative designs combined with traditional styles, Ao Dai has more styles which are easy to wear.

Ladies, when visiting Hanoi, don’t forget to try on these delicate ao dai. If you wonder where to buy a beautiful and suitable Ao Dai in Hanoi, you can go to Xeo Xo shop.

The shop designs can be elegant and simple or eye-catching with bold colors and sophisticated textures. At first sight, you can feel the greatness of the embroidery patterns and the extremely smooth fabric quality.

Hoa Fashion – Meticulous custom made clothes

Hoa Fashion

This is a fashion boutique that tailors and designs garments for both men and women. Do you want to have your own design and materials for parties, work, special occasions, etc.? Hoa Fashion is visited by many foreign guests to chat and find a satisfactory option.

Tired city – Young spirit in Vietnam cultural fashion

Tired city

Tiredcity is an enterprise specializing in the management, production, and distribution of product lines including fashion, stationery, accessories, and prints (Artprint), most of which are prints bearing works of talented young artists in Vietnam.

Among them are the t-shirts and bags printed with drawings – the works of young Vietnamese artists. These drawings not only reflect the art and life of Vietnamese but are also expressed and penned by artistry young modern hands. “Nourishing and spreading personal creativity inspired by local culture” is the message that Tiredcity conveys in their business model and products.

  • Address:
    + Store 01: 41C Ly Quoc Su, Hoan KiemStore 02: 2D Ly Quoc Su, Hoan Kiem
    + Store 03: 92 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem
    + Store 04: 97 Hang Gai, Hoan Kiem
    + Store 05: 08 Hang Bac, Hoan Kiem
    + Store 06: 05 Nha Tho, Hoan Kiem

Tohe Style – Children’s creativity

Tohe Style

Tohe is a creative playground for the little ones. Through weekly programs, Tohe gives children the opportunity to learn and experience creative and artistic activities in a variety of materials. The kids’ works are selected, redesigned and applied to decorate fashion and lifestyle products.

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