Bao Dai Summer Palace

Bao Dai Summer Palace

There are three palaces which were built in Da Lat. Of the three, the third is also the most attractive one. It was constructed from 1933 to 1938 and was the living place of the King’s family. The Bao Dai Summer Palace was designed by the collaborative efforts of two architects, one Vietnamese and one French.

Bao Dai’s office is imposing with its royal and military seals and flags. Visiting this two storied structure, with its twenty five rooms and its amenities, visitors will have a chance to discover, how the royal family lived. The ground floor of the office was the working place of the king. It consists of the office room, the guest room and the reception room. Upstairs are the living quarters. The huge semicircular couch was used by emperor and empress for family meetings. The bedroom of the king also has a gorgeous balcony called the ‘watching moon balcony’ where the king and the queen could appreciate the moonlight. Each room reflects the characteristics and status of the owner: the eldest son’s room is painted yellow, which was considered luxurious at that time, the Queen’s room can be easily identified with her feminine touch.

Just 2km southwest from the centre, you can easily reach to this palace.

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