Cai Be Floating Market (Tien Giang)

Cai Be Floating Market

One of the most impressive destinations in Mekong Delta is Cai Be floating market. From Saigon, it takes you around 2 hours to reach pier by car and arriving there, you can take boat to visit Cai Be floating market along Tien river where is border among three provinces of Tien Giang, Vinh Long and Ben Tre. Unlike other floating markets in Mekong Delta, fruit can be found everywhere and mainly from Tien Giang, such as Lo Ren star-apple, Long Co Co green grapefruit, Tan Lap pineapple, orange, tangerine, etc.

As one of the largest wholesales floating market of Mekong Delta, the Cai Be is usually crowded from morning to afternoon. The earliest traders can join there from 3:00AM and it is official crowded from 5:00AM. If it is the first time you go there, you should notice that goods on boat are advertised on high poles called “cay beo” for buyers to easily recognize what they wish to buy among hundreds of such poles on the river. It is clear that boat is considered as traders’ mobile house and Cai Be River becomes actually an essential and inseparable part of their routine.

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