What to eat in Ha Giang

Ha Giang, located in Northern Vietnam, offers a variety of delicious and unique dishes that you should try. If you have the opportunity to tour in Ha Giang, you should enjoy the following specialties:

1. Thang Co: It is a traditional local dish made from horse meat, organs, and bones cooked with various spices and vegetables. It is rich in flavor and often enjoyed with corn wine.

2. Grilled Meats: Ha Giang is famous for its grilled meats, including grilled pork, chicken, and beef. These meats are marinated with local herbs and spices, giving them a distinct taste.

3. Buckwheat Pancakes: Ha Giang is known for its buckwheat cultivation, and buckwheat pancakes are a must-try. These thin, crispy pancakes are often served with honey or sesame.

4. Mèn Mén: A local specialty, Mèn Mén is a type of noodle soup. It consists of handmade noodles served in a flavorful broth made from various meats and herbs.

5. Thắng Cố (Fried Dough Twist): Thắng Cố is a traditional Ha Giang snack made from wheat flour. These golden-brown twisted pastries are crispy and often eaten with a cup of hot tea.

6. Bitter Bamboo Shoots: Ha Giang is known for its bamboo shoots, and bitter bamboo shoots are a culinary delight. They are cooked with pork or dried shrimp, creating a uniquely delicious dish.

Remember to explore local markets and street food stalls to get the most authentic taste of Ha Giang’s cuisine.

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