Hoa Lu ancient capital

Hoa Lu ancient capital in Ninh Binh

Located 8km north of Ninh Binh province, Hoa Lu is a spectacular destination due to its historical values as an ancient capital of Vietnam from 968 to 1009 A.D.

Even Hoa Lu has been the victim of the deterioration by time, the place is attractive by its surrounding beauties. Visitors can discover the culture and the architecture through two dynasties: Dinh and Le. There are two shrines built to honor the kings. They are also the most remarkable relics. Coming to Hoa Lu, visitors certainly have chance to see antiques as a dragon-shaped thrones made of stone, the wooden statues of Dinh Tien Hoang, Le Dai Hanh, Duong Van Nga as well as two princes at that time. The temple worshipping Dinh Tien Hoang is considered as the most beautiful one as the setting is a complex of paths, gardens and lotus pond.

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