What to buy in Hoi An

Tourists to Hoi An love to shop at two main shopping areas including Hoi An Central Market and a plethora of tailor shops downtown. The tailors of Hoi An are very skillful and well-known throughout the world. Besides, its colorful lanterns also make this place stand out. Of course, many other items are on sale in Hoi An and shopping here is a vibrant, colorful experience that will delight even the most jaded traveler.

Hoi An, Vietnam is known for its unique local crafts and traditional products. Here are some souvenirs you can consider buying in Hoi An:

1. Silk products: Hoi An is famous for its silk production. You can find silk scarves, clothing, and accessories like handbags and ties.

2. Lanterns: Hoi An is renowned for its colorful lanterns. They come in various sizes and shapes, making them a perfect decorative item for your home.

3. Tailored clothing: Hoi An has numerous skilled tailors who can create custom-made clothing. You can get tailored suits, dresses, shirts, or ao dai (traditional Vietnamese dress) to take home.

4. Pottery and ceramics: Hoi An is home to many talented pottery artisans. You can find beautifully crafted pottery items such as bowls, vases, and plates.

5. Bamboo and wooden products: Bamboo and woodwork are popular in Hoi An. Look for bamboo baskets, wooden carvings, or lacquered boxes as unique souvenirs.

6. Traditional Vietnamese artwork: Hoi An has a thriving art scene. You can find paintings, calligraphy, and other traditional Vietnamese artworks in many galleries and shops.

7. Coffee and tea: Vietnam is known for its delicious coffee and tea. Bring home some locally grown coffee beans or traditional Vietnamese tea blends.

Remember to explore the local markets and shops in Hoi An to find the best deals and authentic souvenirs.

Where to buy?

Hoi An, Vietnam is known for its wide variety of souvenirs. When visiting Hoi An, you can find souvenirs at various locations. Here are some popular places to buy souvenirs in Hoi An:

1. Hoi An Night Market: Located in the Old Town, the night market offers a vibrant atmosphere and a wide range of souvenirs such as clothes, accessories, handicrafts, and local artwork.

2. Central Market: This market is a great place to discover local products and souvenirs. You can find traditional Vietnamese handicrafts, fabrics, silk products, spices, lanterns, and more.

3. Silk Village: Hoi An is famous for its silk lanterns, and you can visit the Silk Village to learn about the traditional silk-making process and purchase beautifully crafted lanterns as souvenirs.

4. Hoi An Handicraft Workshop: This workshop showcases the traditional handicrafts of Hoi An, including woodwork, ceramics, and lacquerware. It’s a great place to find unique and authentic souvenirs.

5. Tailor shops: Hoi An is renowned for its tailor-made clothing. You can have custom-made clothes, shoes, and accessories created to your specifications.

Remember to explore different shops and compare prices before making a purchase. Bargaining is also common in Hoi An markets, so feel free to negotiate for the best price.

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