What to eat in Hoi An

From delicious and surprisingly cheap street eats to fabulous five-star feasts, Hoi An is the ultimate gourmet getaway. A trip to Hoi An is incomplete without trying its famous dishes including cao lau, quang noodles and shrimp dumplings and so forth. Local specialties can be found at almost any restaurant, however, you should try the best version at our recommended dining spots below. If you would like to have some Western-style dishes, lots of restaurants in Hoi An offer a variety of exotic European food.

Street food

Hoi An is a paradise for street food lovers. A myriad of specialties can be found right on the street. The city used to be one of the busiest cities in Cochin, which converges the East and West cultures, therefore, local food is unique, diverse and abundant. Make sure you taste some exotic street food like Tofu, Chicken rice, Banh Mi (Vietnamese Banquette), etc.

Place to eat:
  • Banh My Phuong: on Phan Chau Trinh nearly to the intersection with Hoang Dieu
  • Madam Buoi Chicken Rice – 22 Phan Chu Trinh Street; Madam Huong Chicken rice – on the street at 58 Le Loi street

Vietnamese traditional food

You will definitely fall in love with a surprisingly exotic taste of Vietnamese cuisine in Hoi An while experience some exotic theme design together with a welcoming and great atmosphere.

Place to eat:
  • Morning Glory Restaurant, 106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
  • Mermaid Restaurant, 2 Tran Phu St.
  • Bo Bo Café, 18 Le Loi St.
  • The Market Restaurant & Cooking School, 3 Nguyen Hoang St.
  • Golden Fish restaurant, 79 Lac Long Quan St, Cua Dai Beach
  • Son Hoian Restaurant, 232 Cua Dai – Cam Chau

Cao Lau (speciality rice noodles)

Cao Lau is one of the most popular traditional dishes of Hoi An. Cao Lau has “meatier” noodles that are yellowish and cloudy. The dish can be really incredible, especially when served alongside bean sprouts, herby greens, pork, crispy wafers and a salty soy-ish sauce.

Place to eat:
  • 474 Cua Dai;
  • Thanh Cao Lau, 24 Thai Phien St.
  • Stall 034, Hoi An Market
  • Trung Bac, 87 Tran Phu St.

European and other Asian cuisines

If you are looking for a break from local specialities and rice dishes, lots of restaurants in Hoi An offer a variety of exotic European and Asian food.

Place to eat:
  • Cargo Club, 107 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
  • Dingo Deli, 277 Cua Dai St.
  • Ganesh Indian Restaurant, 24 Tran Hung Dao St.
  • Brasserie Cava, 53 Nguyen Phuc Chu St.
  • Green Mango, 54 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.
  • Good Morning Vietnam, 102 Nguyen Thai Hoc St.

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