How to protect your health while traveling?

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Health is very important to have a successful journey. Go to a place far from your home with different climate, the exotic cuisine plus fatigue when moving away may easily make you sick. Here would like to share some helpful information to help you protect your health on your journey.

The common problems of health

4 of the most common problems when travelling are carsick, sunstroke, diarrhea and jet lag.

Carsick or boatsick: Before the trip, you should prepare snacks, do not let your body too hungry or too full. Do not use carbonated beverages or alcohol before and during the transfer time. You can also take an antiemetic 30 minutes before departure and continue to use another tablet for the next four hours. Another method to avoid carsick is to stick motion sickness patch behind your ears

Sunstroke: blinding sunlight can make your tired very quickly. So, when you need to go out in the sun, remember to wear hat. Always bring a bottle of water to drink when thirsty.

Diarrhea: Diarrhea when traveling can be a serious problem. This condition occurs when a diarrhea -causing bacteria enters your digestive system, usually when you eat or drink something strange or unhygienic. The best way to prevent diarrhea is to be very careful with food and water during the journey.

Jet lag: Travelling through many different countries with different timezone will upset your biological clock which can lead to bloating, insomnia and fatigue. To deal with this situation, after a long trip you should walk, breathe fresh air at your destination, do not lie down in a closed room.

Tips for eating healthy

Eat well-done food and fruits and vegetable. Absolutely avoid eating undercooked food.

In addition, you should also be careful with food that you have to eat with your hands, , avoid places where there is not enough clean water to wash dishes, be careful with raw vegetables, ice… With water, if you do not believe in water quality at your destination, it’s better to drink bottled water of brands you trust.

Preparation of conventional medicine

Prepare essential medicines, alcohol pads and medical bandages, they can be very helpful for you. Bring medicines including: pain relievers, antibiotics, diarrhea, oresol, antihistamines, vitamins, oil and wind, ginger tea, eye drops…

Other notes:

– Wash your hands thoroughly before eating. You should bring a bottle of water, a bar of soap and paper towels.

– Prepare some canned foods to eat when hungry.

– You should wear neat clothes, but also comfortable, allow for easy movement. Do not wear too tight clothes which can make it difficult for blood circulation.

– On sunny day, you must go to the beach before 10h00 and after 16h00. Rubbing sunscreen on your skin 30 minutes before go out and rubbed again after 2-3 hours. You should also wear sunglasses to protect your eyes.

– When going to places where have cold climate, you need to keep your body warm, bring socks and scarves to prevent getting flu.

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