What to buy in Sapa

Are you finding something to remind of Sapa – a wildly beautiful area where you gain great trekking experience while discovering the rich culture of ethnic minorities groups or you just something special for your beloved ones? Read suggestions below and you will totally find it useful.

1. Brocade

Carefully made by the local minority people in a long period of time with unique material and gorgeous embroidery patterns, there are a wide range of brocade goods for you to choose: brocade clothes, bowler hats, scarves, shoulder bags, purses or bracelets with colorful motifs…

Besides, necklaces, earrings, rings, chain which all ethnic women wear are also good choice if you want to give your friends a unique gift from the beautiful northern area.

2. Local fruit

With the favorable climate, Sapa has been well known for its special local fruits that can only be found in temperate zone such as peach. Peach are organically grown not only in the garden of the locals but also on mountain sides and forests. Covered by a thin layer of white powder, with a sour, sweet and a little bit acrid taste, peach is totally the best choice if you plan to bring Sapa taste back home.

3. Vietnamese medicinal herbs

The northern Vietnam provinces in general & Sapa in particular is the world of precious medicinal herbs. Closely related to forests, the ethnic minorities have their own traditional medicament with medicinal herbs for healthcare. You can buy both fresh and dried medicinal herbs in Sapa market for herbal bath and traditional massage & it is easy to bring back home due to its underweight. Just remember to go with a local friend or guide in order to choose the right herbs you need at reasonable price.


Wild Orchid Shop

You can find a wide range of handicrafts in this small shop with colorful and interesting paintings about the daily life of minority people hanging on the wall. One special thing about Wild Orchid is that its owner is the designer of all styles of minority people’s costumes, specializing in Hmong and Dzao people.

  • Location: 29 Cau May Street.


Run by Tanh – a local Hmoung minority and her Japanese expat husband, Indigo offers simple, modern takes on traditional ethnic clothing. Clothes are dyed by natural vegetable dyes (which ensure colors won’t fade when thrown in the washing machine) & sewed, embroidered by local disadvantaged workers.

  • Location: 9 Muong Hoa Street, or you can buy Indigo things in Victoria Sapa Hotel gift shop.

Sapa Silver

Specialized in handcrafted silver jewelry, Sapa Silver offers a special opportunity that you can actually watch the silversmith named Duc Khanh at work making the glittering pieces of splendid silver jewelry. You can choose your things from a good selection of silver jewelry: ear rings, necklaces, bracelets and every things of that kind with highly competitive prices.

  • Location: 19 Muong Hoa Street.

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