What to eat in Sapa

What to eat in Sapa? After long hours of trekking in Sapa, the first thing you worry about could be a place to grab lunch or dinner. Do not worry because meals can be served at local families with fresh ingredients or you can find many delicious Western and Vietnamese traditional food at restaurants along Cau May St. and Fanxipan St. The majority of the food is produced by local agriculture, and you can enjoy a healthy meal with sweet potato, rice, corn, beans and other types of vegetables as your daily meal.

There are many different ethnic groups in Sapa, and each of them has their own local cuisine. You should try roasted pig meat, roasted freshwater fishes caught in local streams like Muong Hoa and Muong Tien, Sapa salmon originally imported from Finland and Russia and raised in streams.


It is pig that raised by local minorities. The pig is free to find its own foods. So, the maximum weight it can reach is 10 kg. However, its meat is less fat. The local pork is really delicious and has its own flavors of Sapa.

  • Place to eat: Muong Hum, Sin Cheng, Bac Ha market

Sapa salmon hotpot

The salmon meat in Sapa are less cholesterol, lean and eaten with raw vegetables. In addition, hotpot is a popular way of cooking raw materials in the cold weather.

  • Place to eat: Lotus Sapa – 34 Cau May/Hoa Dao – 48 Le Van Tam

Mushrooms soup

Sweet and tasty are two adjectives using to describe about this food. The fertile land of Sapa is suitable for growing all kinds of vegetables, mushrooms. Therefore, travelers may add more green to their meal by enjoying the very fresh speciality of Sapa.

  • Place to eat: Red Dao restaurant – 4B Thac Bac

Silkie hotpot

Nutrious and delicious. Silkie chicken are raised exactly the same way to the pig. Therefore, it contains less cholesterol. It is also said that your trip would not be perfect without trying this food.

  • Place to eat: Sapa Cuisine – 17 Xuan Vien

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